Erika Choperena – Bio, Family & Facts About Antoine Griezmann’s Wife

Football is the most popular sport on the planet and as a result, its superstars’ have global recognition. Of the long list of superstars in football is Antoine Griezmann, a French player who plays in Spain and was instrumental his country’s emergence as the 2018 FIFA World Cup champions. His fame covers every part of his life, including his wife, Erika Choperena.

Erika Choperena has been a prominent feature in the life of the player who enjoys courting media attention. She is often seen at some of his football events, and she has made several appearances on his social media. Those who do not know much about her simply consider her another beautiful football WAG but Erika is more than that.

We cover her background and life extensively below. Read on to learn more.

Early Life

Erika Choperena was born on the 5th of March, 1991, somewhere in Spain. Contrary to what one might expect from the wife of one of the most popular football players on the planet, she tends to keep a very low profile, enough for details for childhood and familial background to be unknown. So far, all that is known is that she studied all the way to university level, graduating from a university in San Sebastian.

A lot of football wives or girlfriends are often known not to have a profession of their own but Erika Choperena, who is a certified child psychologist, continues to maintain her career while she deals with the demands of being married to one of football’s most recognizable faces.

Before her relationship with Antoine began, she also ran a beauty blog called Cordialmente Erika which she, unfortunately, had to deactivate in 2014 as a result of the influx of fans of Griezmann who invaded the blog.

Since then, she has limited herself to her profession as a child psychologist where she gets to work out of the limelight, a preference that has been confirmed by the wife of another French footballer, Ludivine Sagna, wife of Bacary Sagna.

As for her husband, he has had a long career as a football player playing for clubs like Macon, Maconnais, his home town clubs, and for Real Sociedad where he broke into the limelight with his performances. He has also played for Atletico Madrid.

He plays his international football for France and has recorded a host of achievements as a player, including winning the World Cup in 2018.

Erika Choperena’s Husband & Kids

Erika Choperena
Erika Choperena with her husband, Antoine after a match

Back when Antoine Griezmann was still a young player playing for Real Sociedad, he met Erika Choperena who was studying in San Sebastian at the time.

Considering the lucrative nature of football and the massive salaries they earn, it is often rare to hear of a player finding it difficult to date a woman but according to Antoine himself in his published autobiography, his status as a football player did not make it any easier to get Erika to date him, and he spent a year and a half trying to convince her, finally succeeding in December 2011.

The couple has remained together ever since, with both of them growing in their respective careers as well as a couple, giving birth to their first child, a daughter named Mia in April 2016. The couple then got married in 2017, in a very private ceremony in Toledo. Their second child, Amara, was born on the 8th of April, 2019.

Erika Choperena has been a dedicated wife to Antoine and has often relocated with the player for his every move, including his mega move to Atletico Madrid.

So far, with no reported news of scandal or controversies, but a happy life together that is evident through social media posts from both Antoine and Erika.

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Other Interesting Facts About Antoine Griezmann’s Wife

• Her preference for staying out of the limelight means she is rarely seen at Atletico Madrid games, choosing instead to support from home away from the cameras. She has, however, on special occasion made public appearances with Antoine such as the Euro 2016 competition and the end of the year gala event.

• Her husband, Antoine Griezmann was once fined 500 euros for lifting up his shirt to reveal a birthday message (Feliz Cumple Gordita) to her after scoring during a match.

• She and her husband have an active social media presence on several platforms including Instagram and Twitter.

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