How Much Did Erik Per Sullivan Make From His Acting Career and Where Is He Now?

Erik Per Sullivan is best known as the child actor who played Dewey in the FOX Television series, Malcolm In The Middle. The show was a success for the network and ran for seven seasons, from January 2000 and May 2006. After achieving fame with Malcolm In The Middle, Erik Per Sullivan made further appearances on other television shows and movies before he supposedly retired in 2010. However, fans are full of questions about the whereabouts of the former child actor; they have equally expressed curiosity regarding his plans for the future. Is he likely to grace our screen again or is Erik Per Sullivan gone from the entertainment industry for good?

Who is Erik Per Sullivan?

Erik Per Sullivan was born to Ann and Fred Sullivan on the 12th of July, 1991, in Worcester, Massachusetts. Erik’s father owned a Mexican restaurant while his mother is a naturalized US citizen from Sweden. According to official reports, Erik is an only child. The young actor attended Mount Saint Charles Academy in Rhode Island, before transferring to Phillips Exeter Academy.

During high school, Erik kept himself busy with his musical talents. Beyond his display of musical skills in Malcolm In The Middle, records show Erik Per Sullivan went on to undergo formal training in the piano and the saxophone. After high school, he attended The University of Southern California between 2009 and 2010.

How His Acting Career Started And His Journey To Fame

Erik Per Sullivan was just seven years old when he was first spotted at a stage performance, and not long after, the 1998 movie Аrmаgеddоn featured him in a minor role. Barely a year later, in 1999, Erik joined the cast of Тhе Сіdеr Ноuѕе Rulеѕ, where he played the role of an orphaned child. The juvenile actor must have displayed great acting skills for the producers of the movie to give him another role in a single episode of Wоndеrlаnd in 2000.

All his earlier roles fade into nothing when compared to his breakout role, which he achieved on the set of the popular series Malcolm in the Middle in 2000. The young actor was cast in the role of Dewey Wilkerson, one of the major casts in the production that lasted for six years from the 9th of January 2000 to the 14th of May 2006. In all, Erik Per Sullivan made appearances in over 100 episodes of the series, and you won’t be wrong to surmise that he started bagging the big bucks from the series.

Erik Per Sullivan and the Malcolm In The Middle family in 2006
Erik Per Sullivan (first from left) and the rest of the Malcolm In The Middle family in 2006: Image Source

The year 2001 saw the former child entertainer appearing on the set of two movies Wendigo and Joe Dirt. He equally played a voice role in Meatball Finkelstein, where he lent his voice to the character of Fork. Before the year ran out, he appeared on one episode of Black of Life. It was in 2002 that he became part of the movie Unfaithful and also came as a guest star on the set of the drama The King of Queens. He later joined the cast of the animated movie Finding Nemo as the voice of Sheldon.

The 2004 comedy flick Christmas with the Kranks cast Erik Per Sullivan in the role of Spike Frohmeyer. It would appear that he took a brief break after Christmas with the Kranks, resurfacing a couple of years later to appear in a single episode of Come On Over as Young Luis. As the year progressed, the animated/live-action movie adaptation of Arthur and the Invisibles gave him a role as the voice of Mino.

Erik Per Sullivan showed up in the independent movie Mo, following which he made an appearance in the 2010 movie Twelve, depicting the character of Timmy. Since then, the former child actor has not graced our screen on the set any movie, which made fans to conclude that he has resigned from acting. However, that does not mean that fans are not bursting with curiosity regarding his current status, both professionally and in his personal life.

Details of His Net Worth And Annual Income

Erik Per Sullivan appears to be quite different from that ilk of actors who would rush through their fortune and end up broke shortly after exiting from their professions. From what is perceivable, the star of Malcolm in the Middle seems to be living a modest lifestyle. We formed this opinion because the child actor has managed to keep his net worth in balance even after a decade of quitting the movie industry.

To the best of our knowledge, the Massachusetts born actor earned a majority of his wealth from his movie roles. However, reports revealed that he had to focus more on academics than a career in recent times. That being said, Erick’s net worth was recently estimated at a tidy $3 million.

Where Is Erik Per Sullivan Now?

Erik Per Sullivan’s last documented movie role was in the 2010 movie named Twelve. After that, he relatively disappeared from the public gaze. He has not maintained any verified social media presence since then, nor did he show up at the 2012 Malcolm In the Middle reunion. This got many wondering what had become of the former child star; it also made him an easy target for the false rumor mills.

In late July of 2017, it was widely reported that Erik Per Sullivan had died in an auto crash. This piece of news about Erik Per Sullivan’s death went viral, breaking the hearts of his fans around the US and the World. However, since then, the rumors about Erik Per Sullivan’s death have been proven false, nothing more than another mischievous lie churned out of the fake news machinery that is so often a part of the social media culture.

Not only was his death widely refuted, but a picture of Erik Per Sullivan – now all grown up – appeared on an Instagram account that claims to belong to ‘The Official Erik Per Sullivan.’ The picture of the grown-up Erik resonated with his fans around the world, while the Instagram account in question has gone on to gain more than twenty thousand of Erik’s fans as followers.

To further debunk the viral rumors about his ostensible death, a YouTube video of the former child actor surfaced in December 2015, surprisingly showing Erik Per Sullivan as he was co-reporting on an NBA Basketball event for Channel One News. That video has since fueled another round of speculation about Erik’s whereabouts, and what had been taking his time since 2010, with many wondering if he had been at media training all this time.

Now that it’s certain that Erik Per Sullivan is still alive, fans are once again curious about where the actor is now, and what he is up to. One certain thing is that Erik is a man who dislikes media attention, which would explain his long absences from public view. If his fans have proved anything, it’s that whenever Erik returns to the spotlight, if ever does, they will be always ready to welcome him.

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