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Decades in the entertainment industry which has seen her helm mega-hit shows like America’s Next Top Model has brought Tyra Banks into the realm of superstars. The American television personality has a name that is known beyond America, all the way across several parts of the world. On the other hand, Erik Asla is a professional photographer who is successful in his own right but does not share her fame. Regardless, they had a long-lasting relationship, at least by Hollywood standards.

While Erik Asla and Tyra Banks dated, the length of their relationship suggested that they were destined for the altar, with fans of the Television personality getting ready for wedding bells, but it was not meant to be. Still, Erik Asla has been able to maintain the relevance he acquired through his relationship with Tyra and you can learn all about him below.

Who is Erik Asla? His Biography & Age 

Not much is known of the background and journey of Erik Asla till he became a noteworthy name in Hollywood. So far, we know he was born on the 21st of May, 1964 in Norway to a Norwegian family. Other facts like his basic education history or even his higher education are unknown.

How and why he pursued a career as a photographer is unknown but his journey to the top began in Paris before he headed over to the cultural home of modeling and art, Los Angeles. He began to work as an employee of Herb Ritts, starting out as a photo assistant.

The experience garnered from working for one of the most respectable names in fashion photography brought him success when he started out on his own. Since Erik Asla began his own journey, he has worked for a plethora of brands, with some being Calvin Klein, Audi, Saks Fifth Avenue, Glamour, Elle, and many others.

His work led him all the way to Norway’s Next Top Model where his popularity status changed via a chance encounter with Tyra Banks. Although a popular man, Erik Asla prefers the modesty of keeping his life private but still manages to share his experiences and work with fans and admirers on social platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

What Is Erik Asla’s Net Worth?

We mentioned earlier that Erik Asla might not be a name the average joe anywhere in the world knows, like his ex-girlfriend; but as a professional photographer, he is a very much a successful man. He has been able to build a financial wealth reflective of his success. He currently has his net worth estimated at $3.5 million, earned from working for some of the top magazines and models in the world.

Relationship with Tyra Banks

Erik Asla
Erik Asla with his ex-girlfriend, Tyra Banks during an event

His claim to fame outside of the fashion and modeling industry is his five-year relationship with Tyra Banks. Considering Tyra Banks’ heavy involvement in the modeling industry and her show – America’s Next Top Model, it comes as no surprise that they met during a modeling competition in 2013, specifically at Norway’s Next Top Model.

The initial meeting between the two of them developed into a relationship that existed in the shadows for a couple of years, until 2015 when they came out in full trust that what they shared to survive the inevitable scrutiny that comes with media attention.

Their coming out seemed to hold steady and they even considered starting a family, although that decision came with its own challenges due to Tyra Banks’ fertility issues. Regardless, through the magic of modern medicine, a surrogate mother helped bring a creation of Tyra Banks and Erik Asla to term, giving birth in January 2016 to a boy named York Banks Asla.

The birth of a new child did not fix the cracks that existed in their relationship and after a while, the couple announced their separation in October 2018, which came as a shock to several fans of the relationship.

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Does He Have Children?

Erik Asla notably has a child with Tyra Banks but before the birth of his son, he has had three children – three daughters from a previous relationship, details of which are unknown.

His daughters – Tatjana, Taylor, and Tatum have all grown into wonderful women with Tatjana taking after the footsteps of her father’s ex-girlfriend to carve a professional career as a model. She is currently signed on to Elite Modeling.

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