Erielle Reshef – Biography & Facts About The American News Correspondent

The scourge of fake news battling journalism in modern society, especially in America is a fight that may never end, but if journalism, especially in America wins or loses the fight, it will not be because of a lack of capable soldiers who uphold the sanctity of the profession against all odds, such as Erielle Reshef, a correspondent for one of the leading news media outlets in the country, ABC News.

Erielle Reshef is one of the leading names in the network’s long roster of correspondents and anchors who work together to bring the truth to the screens of millions of Americans. She has been working for the organization since April 2017, where she has been displaying excellence ever since.

We discuss more Erielle Reshef below, including interesting facts about her life and career progression. Read on.

Erielle Reshef’s Biography

As a brilliant woman who has displayed excellence since she began her career as a journalist, her history of excellence can be traced all the way to her parents, Dr. Eli Reshef and Edie S. Roodman. Her father is a renowned doctor of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility while her mother is the Director for the Jewish Federation of Greater Oklahoma.

In this family of excellence, Erielle was born on the 23rd of September, 1983 in Oklahoma as one of three children born to her parents with the other two siblings named Evans and Eitan.

Her education began in Westminster School in Connecticut before she headed over to Indiana University where she earned two simultaneous degrees in Political Science and Jewish Studies.

A third degree saw Erielle Reshef journey to Israel, where she studied at Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, earning her Masters in Diplomacy and Conflict Studies.

Having completed her academic journey, Erielle Reshef began her professional career at Israel Broadcasting Authority as an anchor and a news reporter before she returned to America, joining Hearst Television (HTV) as an anchor for its news show.

She served as an anchor for HTV from November 2012 to 2014, before she joined KOCO 5 News, an affiliate news station for ABC Media. She worked for KOCO 5 for another three years before her excellence and hardworking nature got her the call to the big leagues, to join ABC News as a correspondent.

She got the call in April 2017 and has maintained the position ever since, working on some of the news media’s leading shows like Good Morning America, ABC World News Tonight with David Munir, exhibiting the fairness, honesty, and consistency that has led her to work for one of the top news organizations in the country.

Husband and Children

Erielle Reshef
Erielle Reshef with her husband, David Hans and her child, Mayr

Just as she has made the journey to the top of journalism as a national correspondent, she has equally found love and joy in her personal life, through a marital bond with Daniel Hans Frankenstein.

She got married to Daniel Hans in May 2010 after they have developed a romantic relationship after they met for the first time at a political conference in Washington DC in 2003. After a couple of dates, they began a relationship that lasted five years before Daniel Hans asked for Erielle Reshef’s hand in marriage.

Since they got married, they have given birth to a child, a son, Mayr Reshef Frankenstein who was born in April 2015.

Erielle Reshef’s husband, Daniel Hans Frankenstein is a corporate executive for JanVest Capital Partners who is a graduate of the University of California where he earned a degree in Environmental Economics and Policy.

Other Facts About Erielle Reshef

Erielle Reshef, along with being a talented reporter and correspondent, is also a beautiful woman who has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and has a slim body size with healthy body weight. Known to engage herself in body workout programs in the gym and yoga, Erielle maintains a healthy body and her overall beauty is complemented with additional features like black hair and black eyes.

Erielle Reshef, as expected of modern-day journalists, has a significant social media presence with over 35k followers across all the major platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. On Facebook, she has the profile, Erielle Reshef while her Twitter and Instagram profile name is – @ErielleReshef.

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She once won a Heartland Emmy Award in Public Affairs for her work, Chronicle: The Arrest and Conviction of Daniel Holtzclaw.

Erielle Reshef’s parents have been married for over 42 years.

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