Erick Brian Colon – Age, Height & Facts About The Singer

Erick Brian Colon is an integral part of CNCO, the sensational five-member group that is regarded as one of Latin America’s most sought-after boy bands. Erick and his bandmates sprung to fame in 2015 following their stint on the reality TV show La Banda. With record-breaking hits and amazing performances, the band has unarguably established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. Here are the reasons why the star’s profile should not escape your attention.

Erick Brian Colon – Bio & Age

The Cuban singer was born on January 3, 2001. Erick Brian Colon’s hometown is Havana, but his family relocated to Tampa Florida when he was 11 years old. There is a scarcity of information about Erick’s parents but we do know that he is a star who has strong family values. He shares a close bond with his mother and sister and it is uncertain if he has other siblings. More so, there is nothing known about the singer’s father. Details regarding Colon’s educational endeavors have not been disclosed but he is believed to have had the conventional basic education before pursuing a career in music.

Music Career

Erick Brian Colon was shot to the limelight in December 2015 when he became one of the five members of the boy band CNCO, which was formed at the finale of the reality TV show La Banda. But prior to his stint on the show, Colon was one-third of a local trio band which included his friends Joel Pimentel and Christopher Velez.

Erick, Christopher, and Joel entered into La Banda as a competing band and performed together at the initial stage of the show. However, all trio and two others Richard Camacho and Zabdiel De Jesús eventually became members of CNCO, the boy band that was formed at the finale of the La Banda show. Erick was picked as the fourth member of the group which officially became existent in December 2015.

Erick Brian Colon and the CNCO band
Erick Brian Colon and the CNCO band

In addition to other benefits gained from the reality show, CNCO landed a five-year record deal with Sony Music Latin. Erick and his fellow band members have since established themselves as a formidable force in the music scene. Mentored and represented by Ricky Martin after the La Banda show, CNCO has churned out hits and lots of amazing performances on concerts/tours, endearing themselves to many.

After the reality show, Erick Brian Colon and his band began performing at concerts and touring cities across the country. In early 2016, they dropped new hits, Tan Fácil and Quisiera, which were top chart climbers in Latin circles. More so, the Quisiera music video was a record breaker on social media after it garnered millions of views on YouTube within a short time.

CNCO’s debut album Primera Cita (First Date) was eventually released by mid-2016. The album produced by popular Puerto Rican rapper Wisin, under the Sony Music Latin label, was a top chart climber and a huge commercial success in the US and across many Latin American countries. More recently, Colon and his bandmates’ eponymous sophomore album was released in April 2018. Like its predecessor, the CNCO album was yet another commercial hit and a top chart climber.

With such a prolific career that has copiously produced hits in a short while, Erick’s band has not only gained fame but also recognition and awards both at the local and international levels. Notably, CNCO clinched five out of six different category nominations at the Premios Juventud Youth Awards.

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Erick Brian Colon’s Height

Erick Brian Colon has enviable physical features and can be considered as every girl’s dream guy. The singer is perhaps not one of your tallest nor shortest celebrity favorites. Colon stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches, complemented by weight of about 65kg. His other body measurements have not been disclosed but going by his looks, it is safe to say Erick consciously puts in efforts to maintain a good physique.

Facts About The Singer

1. Erick is the youngest member of the award-winning five-member boy band CNCO.

2. As earlier hinted, Erick Brian Colon has strong family values. Besides the close bond he shares with his mother and sister, the singer is also very fond of his nephew Thiago.

3. Erick Brian Colon’s first love is music and his passion for art cannot be overstressed. However, it is uncommon knowledge that the singer also has other interests which include dancing and sports. Colon is a football enthusiast and a talented dancer. In fact, he was a very active student back in the days and participated in several cultural school events.

4. Colon is very active on social media. He became an internet sensation during his stint on La Banda and can now boast of millions of followers on various social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

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