Erica Herman – Age, Height & Net Worth Of Tiger Wood’s Girlfriend

Erica Herman is an American woman who shot into the limelight after she was romantically linked to Tiger Woods, one of the world’s most successful golf players ever. As his girlfriend, her influence over Tiger Woods has been widely discussed in many quarters and it is believed that she was heavily involved in helping the star golfer bounce back after he suffered a string of misfortunes that saw him slip from the top of the rankings to way down below on the golf charts.

She had been dedicated to building a career before meeting Tiger Woods and becoming famous. Herman who is considered to be a “big partier” by many people close to her, has been able to build a massive CV in the hospitality industry, having worked as a restaurant manager in different places. Today, she is regarded as one of the strong pillars in Tiger Woods’ life.

Erica Herman’s Bio & Age

Erica Herman was born on the 15th of February in the year 1984. The exact city or town in which she was born is not certain. However, according to sources, she was born in the USA. Although everyone now knows her as Erica Herman, it is noteworthy that her full birth name is actually Erica Fallon Herman.

Nothing much is known about the background of Erica Herman. Details about how she spent her early days and where she had her education have remained elusive. Having been completely out of public mentioning before her romance with Tiger Woods began, it is quite difficult getting to know about her life before the spotlight came calling.

Who are Erica Herman’s Family Members?

The dearth of details about her life extends to her family. The identities of her father and mother have not been disclosed yet. However, we know that she has a brother called Scott who has once had a run-in with the law. According to sources, Scott was once arrested by the police for being in possession of marijuana.

It has also been reported that Erica’s other family members have also had issues with the law before. The reports say Erica’s family members, aside her brother, have been arrested on drug-related charges. She became the talk of the town when she became associated with Tiger Woods. This was mainly because fans of Woods began to dig deep into her life to find out a lot more about the woman who has been said to be a big influence on the star golfer.

Her Net Worth

Before she met Tiger Woods, Erica Herman had already succeeded in building an awesome CV in the hospitality industry. She rose to become the manager of some restaurants around the US including the Aura Bar & Restaurant. Apparently, she has been able to rake in some income for herself over the years.

Erica Herman’s exact net worth is not quite certain at the moment. Some reports have claimed that she is worth about $355,000 but this has not been confirmed just yet. On the other hand, Her boyfriend, Tiger Woods is worth an incredible $800 million.

How her Romance with Tiger Woods Began

Erica Herman
Erica Herman and Tiger Woods

Erica Herman met Tiger Woods when she was employed at the golfer’s restaurant called The Wood’s Jupiter restaurant in Florida. She rose to become the general manager of the restaurant and worked in that capacity for several months in 2017. It is not clear if Tiger Woods was the one who personally employed her at the restaurant but it was while working at his restaurant that she met the golfer.

According to sources, Erica had always wanted to date Tiger Woods and used the opportunity of working in his restaurant to get his attention. Their love affair first caught public attention after a PGA Championship in St. Louis in 2018 where Erica and Woods were caught on camera publicly displaying their affection for each other. Since the news of their romance emerged, their relationship has become a topic of conversation around media circles and the many fans of the golfer.

Some Think she is a Gold Digger

Erica Herman has been termed a gold digger by many people who feel she is with Tiger Woods because of his money. According to some reports, Tiger Woods never really took note of Erica at first. They claimed it was Erica who chased him around and got his attention so that she could get a share of his money.

However, this claim has not been substantiated at all. There is no evidence to prove that the Erica is with Woods for his money. For all we can tell, she has been a doting girlfriend who has been pictured with the golfer many times in public. She has also accompanied Woods to many events.

While many people feel Erica is a gold digger, many others feel she is responsible for his healing after going through some troubling times in the recent past.

Tiger Woods is Deeply Fond of Her

Friends of Woods have opened up about his relationship, revealing that the golfer is madly in love with Erica and that he hates to be left alone without her by his side. Fans now hope that soon, wedding bells will start ringing.

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She Dated another man before Tiger Woods

Even though she is now known to be a girlfriend of Tiger Woods, it is noteworthy that this is not her first love relationship. According to sources, she was in a relationship with Jesse Newton, the CEO and President of Jin & Tonic Hospitality Group. The exact reason why the couple separated is, however, not known.

What Is Erica Herman’s Height?

Erica Herman is a beautiful woman who knows how to carry herself with good poise. Although not a tall woman, she is also not short but stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches. In addition to this, her body measurements have been reported to be 33 inches (breasts), 25 inches (waist) and 34 (inches) hips.

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