Eric Hartter, Whitney Scott Mathers’ Father: Facts You Need To Know

Fame is a tricky and fickle mistress. While many spend years of their life chasing it without finding it, some simply get it by their association to someone who has found the favor of the elusive mistress. In the latter category is the story of Eric Hartter, a known tattoo artist and drug dealer who is famous as the biological father of Eminem’s daughter, Whitney Scott Mathers.

Eminem’s life is a well-documented story that will one day make a very good movie and in a chapter of it, is Eric Hartter, whose life became intertwined with Eminem when he began to date Eminem’s ex-wife, Kimberly Anne Scott, resulting in the birth of one of Eminem’s famed daughters, Whitney Scott Mathers.

In this article, we explore who Eric Hartter is, details about his relationship with Eminem and other interesting facts about him.

Eric Hartter’s Biography

As far as details about the background of Eric Hartter goes, very little is known. His only known parent is named Marie Hartter.

Eric Hartter, whose education level is believed to be at least at the high school level, is known to professionally be a tattoo artist. He is also a known drug dealer.

His controversy-filled adult life has featured arrests for drug dealing, resisting arrests and falsifying testimony to a police officer, which has created a criminal record capable of denying him access to his daughter, Whitney Scott Mathers.

Relationship With Eminem And Whitney Scott Mathers

Eminem is a celebrated hip hop artist who has produced iconic albums that have sold millions of copies, and in the midst of his legendary journey as an artist, are personal demons and challenges that included a toxic relationship with Kimberly Anne Scott, whom he was married to twice.

In the midst of these marriages was a brief relationship with Eric Hartter, whom Kimberly dated after the end of her first marriage to Eminem. How exactly Kimberly and Eric met is unknown, although reports suggest that they met in a tattoo shop which Eric worked in at the time.

Eric Hartter
Kimberly Scott & a young Eric Hartter: image source

Their relationship, albeit a very short one, left lasting evidence – a daughter, Whitney Scott Mathers, who was born on the 16th of April, 2002.

Although he is the birth father of Whitney Scott, Eric Hartter failed in several fatherly duties, including being present at his daughter’s birth, for several reasons that included his status as a drug dealer who was on the run from the police.

Eric Hartter never got a chance to see his daughter before his relationship with Kimberly Anne Scott ended and she returned into the arms of Eminem, who accepted her and her child. The love Eminem had for Kimberly at the time led him to adopt the girl as his own, resulting in him giving the child his last name, Mathers.

Since the completion of the adoption, Eric Hartter has not been able to meet his daughter, which has then resulted in lawsuits and countersuits, arrests and other legal actions from both parties.

Other Facts About About Whitney Scott Mathers’ Father – Eric Hartter

• Eric Hartter’s child, Whitney Scott Mathers is not the only child that was adopted by Eminem. He has also adopted Alaina Marie Mathers, who is the daughter of his ex-wife’s twin sister, Dawn Scott, who died of a drug overdose in January 2016. Her adoption makes her the eldest of Eminem’s three daughters, with Whitney being the youngest.

• Eric Hartter’s mother, Marie has made public cries about her inability to have a relationship with her granddaughter. She was in the birthing room at the time of Whitney’s birth but has since been cut off from her life. She once sued Eminem in 2005 as a result.

• Eric Hartter’s ex-girlfriend, Kimberly, who is a freelance illustrator and a children’s book writer, returned to Eminem and they got married for the second time in 2006. They were only together for three months before they got divorced again, in what was another hotly contested divorce. However, since the divorce, Kimberly has been able to maintain a cordial relationship with the popular rapper in the joint custody of their three children.

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• Apart from her two sisters, Whitney Scott also has a brother, Patrick Scott, who is a half-sibling, born to her mother, Kimberly.

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