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When the video-sharing platform Vine came, it quickly became one of the most popular applications in the world as different people all over the world took to the app to share their knowledge and creativity. When its inevitable demise came in the mid-2010s and most of its popular users migrated to YouTube. One of them is Enya Umanzor, who is more popularly known across social media platforms as Enjaja.

Although many emigrated from Vine to YouTube, quite a substantial amount of them did not maintain the same popularity and quality after the transition but so far, Enjaja has been able to grow her fanbase beyond her Vine days, with over one million subscribers compared to the 500,000 in her Vine years.

Learn more about the things that stand her apart and other interesting information about her below.

Enya Umanzor’s Age and Biography

Enya Umanzor, who many simply know as Enjaja, was born on the 22nd of January, 1999 in Miami, Florida. She has a total of four siblings. As for her background, not a lot is known. Enya grew up living a simple life outside of media spotlight, attending high school until she took to the video-sharing platform, Vine, in 2013 and uploaded her first video on the platform. Thus, began a series of videos that eventually catapulted Enya into a social media star.

Before she eventually said goodbye to the platform, Enya Umanzor had accrued over 500,000 fans and at the height of her popularity, she made the transition to YouTube where she has continued to produce her videos and attract even more fans. Umanzor’s videos are focused on beauty and she is known for her makeup videos and vlogs about her daily life. Although not a unique category of content on YouTube, but the manner and style through which she produces the videos have earned her massive following across all major social media platforms.

Some of her videos, such as the one titled, First Day of Senior Year Vlog, went viral with over 3.2 million views while another which was a music video featuring herself and other beauty bloggers has over 2 million views.

On her primary platform, YouTube, she has seen over 50 million views from over one million subscribers, averaging about 200,000 views per video. On other platforms like Instagram, she has over one million followers and over 700 thousand followers on Twitter. Enjaja also has a presence on YouNow with over 60 thousand fans.

Enya Umanzor
Enya Umanzor (second left) with some of her friends

Despite the tight schedule of maintaining an online career along with her academic education, Enya Umanzor has been able to remain relevant in the Beauty blogger space and overall as a social media influencer.

Outside of her social media career, Enya is known to enjoy traveling and shopping.

Who are Enya Umanzor’s Parent & Family Members?

The unusual nature of Enya’s name reveals her mixed-race background with parents who are of Honduran and American background. The names of her parents are unknown but she is believed to have a loving relationship with them, as she has professed a couple of times on her Instagram and YouTube pages.

Other of her noteworthy family members include her siblings, Dontae, Natalie, Leo and Sophia and they were all raised in Miami, Florida.

Enya Umanzor’s Height

As someone whose videos are primarily based on physical beauty and how to achieve it, Enya Umanzor boasts of her own physical beauty, with on a body with a height of 5 feet 9 inches and a body weight of 58kg.

Enya is of a slim body build with fitness that suggests ample time spent in the gym and the result is shown on her body curves, which is measured at 32, 25 and 34 inches for her bust, waist and hip sizes respectively.

Additionally, Enya Umanzor has other body features like dark brown eyes and hair.

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Other Facts About Enya Umanzor

  • Enya Umanzor is in a relationship with the singer, Roy Blair. The couple has reportedly been in a relationship since 2017 and appears to still be going strong as shown by her social media posts.
  • Her first published video on Vine was on November 20, 2013, and it was named This Fandom.
  • Her work as a social media personality has earned her an estimated net worth in the region of $300,000. Enjaja’s net worth is believed to have come through her ad revenue on both YouTube and Instagram and other investments.
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