Emily Wilkinson – Inside The Life Of Baker Mayfield’s Wife

Prior to caving to the attention-grabbing trick by Baker Mayfield of unfollowing and refollowing her on Instagram, Emily Wilkinson lived quietly outside of media attention. Today, combined with the rising popularity of Baker as a Cleveland Browns quarterback, the interest in the football player’s wife has been higher than it has ever been. To satisfy these interests, we compiled everything you need to know about the latest football WAG, including details about her career, her background, and her relationship with Baker Mayfield.

Who is Emily Wilkinson?

Emily Wilkinson is the wife of Cleveland Browns quarterback, Baker Mayfield. She was born on the 4th of April 1991 in Omaha, Nebraska to Dave and Lori Wilkinson and was raised along with three siblings, Annie, Sammy, and Benny.

Before Emily Wilkinson became the most famous person in the family, that title belonged to her brother, Sammy, who was a Vine star. He transferred his social media fame to Twitter and Instagram when the short video sharing app became defunct. He has since transitioned into music and has an album and a couple of singles to his name.

Her other siblings are also substantially famous in their respective fields. Her sister, Annie Wilkinson, is a podcaster, and her second brother, Benny, is a fitness enthusiast.

For her education, Baker Mayfield’s wife attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and graduated in 2013. Since she completed her higher education, she has worked in various capacities across different professions.

Emily Has A Diverse Résumé

After graduation, Emily Wilkinson’s first known profession was Bartending. She worked as a bartender at Barry’s Bar and Grill for a while before she moved on to her next job as a patient coordinator.

After leaving Barry’s Bar and Grill, Emily began to work as a patient coordinator for Galanis Plastic Surgery, a plastic surgery clinic based in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. She began working for the clinic in 2017 and worked there until 2018 when her relationship with Baker Mayfield forced her to relocate to Cleveland, something Emily herself describes as a bittersweet decision.

With a career as a patient coordinator now behind her, Baker Mayfield’s wife has taken up another profession as an Instagram model.

Taking advantage of her exposure and popularity as the wife of the football star, she is quickly growing her brand as an Instagram model. She has more than 190,000 followers on her account, @emilymayfield, and has worked with several brands for professional shoots promoting their products.

Branding her account as a lifestyle brand, she also provides beauty tips and shares fashion styles in partnership with professional fashion stylists like Esh Dahan, Cassie Baker, and Kakki Jones, who have made appearances on her page thus far.

Emily Wilkinson got Married in Malibu

Emily Wilkinson
Emily, with her husband, Baker Mayfield at a basketball game

After one year of being engaged, Emily Wilkinson became Baker Mayfield’s wife in June 2019 in a very private ceremony.

Although the location and date of the wedding weren’t publicized, they had close friends in attendance, including Baker’s former coach, Cale Bundy, and his University of Oklahoma teammates, such as Kyler Murray and Mark Andrews.

Before getting engaged and married, Emily met Baker Mayfield after a mutual friend introduced them on Instagram. Emily, believing that Baker was just another football party boy, did not entertain his advances until Baker proved too stubborn to shoo away.

She eventually granted his request for a date, and they met for the first time in December 2017, just before Baker played his last college football game in the Rose Bowl. During the date, Baker Mayfield proved to be different from what Emily Wilkinson imagined, and things began to move quickly after.

A decision to stay back in Los Angeles after the game caused Baker to move in with Emily and her brothers, and six months after, they got engaged.

Other Facts About Emily Wilkinson

She is an animal lover, and she has a dog, Ozzie.

She is the third known partner of the football player. Before they began dating, he was in a relationship with Morgan Mayberry and Baillie Burmaster.

Her brother, Sammy, is a member of the Omaha Boys, which includes Nate Maloney, Jack Johnson, and Jack Gilinsky.

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Baker Mayfield’s wife has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and a bodyweight of 132 pounds (60 kg). She also has blue colored eyes, blonde hair, and body measurement of 36, 27, and 37 inches for her bust, waist, and hips, respectively.

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