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For years, police procedurals have been the leading drama shows in American Television. There are so many of them with a few that have become iconic and classic shows due to their longevity on air. One of the many popular ones is NCIS and it has been on air since 2003, with a revolving door of actors and characters. One of those actors is Emily Wickersham, who has been on the show since 2013, playing the role of Ellie Bishop.

Emily Wickersham has been in the industry long before she began appearing on NCIS, making her debut in 2006 on the late-night show, Late Show with David Letterman. Since then, she has gone on to star in several projects, including the classic show, The Sopranos. You can read and learn all about Emily Wickersham by scrolling below.

Emily Wickersham Biography

When John Atwood and Amy Wickersham welcomed their daughter on the 26th of April, 1984, they would have, like every parent, wished that she grows up to become a successful person. That is a wish that has since come through for the Austrian and Swedish parents of the actress. If Emily Wickersham had any siblings growing up, so far, that information has been kept away from the press and the only other information about her childhood includes the fact that she grew up in Mamaroneck, New York, despite her birthplace being Kansas.

Relocating to New York meant Emily Wickersham was closer to the center of Arts in the country and that could have been responsible for her desire to become an actress. While the passion was still burning strong in her, she dropped out of college at Muhlenberg College after two short years in order to pursue her interest. While many people who take the risky chance of abandoning their safe options to go into acting fail, Emily Wickersham’s story was different.

Not only has she succeeded where others failed, but her beginning was a different path. While most actors and actresses get their start through a short film or minor role in film or TV show, Emily got her start on a late-night variety show, appearing in an episode of Late Show with David Letterman. The unusual start quickly developed into appearances in more traditional roles in TV Dramas like Parco P.I where she played a character named Grace Carr and, in The Sopranos, where she played a recurring role as Rhiannon Flammer.

Her first film appearance was in 2008 when she was cast as an unnamed character in Definitely, Maybe. In the following year, she got her chance to star as a named character in the TV movie, Taking Chance, playing the character, Kelley Phelps. Before she got her long-running role on NCIS, she further starred in a few other films and TV shows like I Am Number Four, Gone, The Bridge and Gossip Girl.

She was cast as Elle Bishop on NCIS in 2013 as a replacement for the actress, Cote de Pablo who left the show. Emily Wickersham was originally projected to appear on the show for three episodes, but she was well-received by fans of the show and was subsequently made a regular cast on the show, playing the NSA Analyst.

She has continued to play the role till date and in between her time on the show, has appeared on other projects like Glitch and NCIS: New Orleans.

Emily Wickersham Family Life – Husband

Emily Wickersham
Emily with her husband, Blake Henley

For many who watch Emily Wickersham strut her stuff on NCIS every week, it is hard not to be spellbound by the grace and gorgeousness that she exudes as she gives life to the character. However, whatever romantic interest one might harbor from watching her would have to die as she has been off the market for quite some time, having gotten married to Blake Henley, a musician since 2010.

The wedding was held at Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys on the 23rd of November, 2010, featuring several family and friends of the couple. So far, there hasn’t been any scandal to report about the couple and they have no children together just yet.

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What Is Her Body Measurement?

Emily Wickersham has a height of 5 feet 7 inches with a fitting body weight of 52kg. The actress has been able to maintain a gorgeous look since she hit the spotlight, with body curve defining measurements of 34,24, and 34 inches for her bust size, waist size, and hip size respectively.

Other interesting information about her physical profile includes her hair color, which is light brown and her eye which is hazel colored.

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