Emily Vakos – Bio, Family & Everything To Know About Anthony Rizzo’s Wife

Even for sportsmen who earn millions in salary and enjoy several privileges as famous faces, finding the right woman as a girlfriend or wife can be quite the challenge and so it was a relief for Anthony Rizzo when he proposed to Emily Vakos to be his wife and she accepted.

The couple, who do not hesitate when it comes to expressing how much they love each other through published pictures on social media pages, had been dating since 2016 when they met while Emily Vakos worked as an intern for the Chicago Cubs.

The resulting relationship with Anthony Rizzo has turned Emily Vakos into a public personality, with several fans of the baseball player looking to learn more about the wife of their favorite player.

In this article, we answer every question about Emily Vakos and her relationship with Anthony Rizzo. Read on.

Emily Vakos’ Biography

Emily Vakos was born to Mark Vakos and Stephaine Sudwischer on the 9th of January, 1994 in Dallas, Texas. Much of her childhood and familial background is unknown.

For her education history, Emily Vakos, following the completion of her high school education, attended Arizona State University where she studied and earned a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food management. While she was in college, aside from her academics, Emily Vakos took on a couple of ventures, including working as an intern for Scottsdale Unified School District and launching her own food blogging website, The Food-1-1. The blog featured Emily Vakos’ various college projects, articles and personal opinions on health studies and food recipes.

After college, Emily Vakos has worked as a sales associate for Mal Malouf Boutique and has worked as an intern for the Chicago Cubs.

Although she has taken extra precaution in ensuring her privacy since she came into the spotlight, Emily Vakos is currently believed to be real estate broker, working for a real estate firm, @Properties, as revealed by her LinkedIn page.

While details of her professional career are a bit of a mystery, her husband, Anthony Rizzo, on the other hand, has had a well-documented career as a baseball player in the Major League Baseball (MLB). He is a first baseman and he has played for San Diego Padres and the Chicago Cubs since he joined the MLB in 2011.

Emily Vakos’ husband has appeared in three All-Star Games and has won the World Series at least once, with the Cubs in 2016. In the same year, Rizzo was a recipient of a number of personal awards, including the Gold Glove, Silver Slugger and Roberto Clemente Awards.


Emily Vakos
Emily Vakos with husband, Anthony Rizzo on their wedding day

For sportsmen like Anthony Rizzo, the pool of women who are interested in them may very well run into millions across various sectors and industries but the demands of their jobs often mean they only get to interact and meet a fraction of them, usually the ones who revolve around the world of sport.

So, it comes as no surprise that Emily Vakos and Anthony Rizzo met while he was a player for the Chicago Cubs and she worked for the team as a nutritional intern back in 2016. The two of them immediately took to each other and began a relationship that led to engagement within a year of being together.

Anthony Rizzo proposed to Emily Vakos in June 2017 in a romantic atmosphere on a both in Lake Michigan. After another year of being engaged, in December 2018, the couple finally got married in a lavish ceremony in Miami that had friends and family of the couple in attendance.

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Since they got married, the couple has been a pillar of support for each other, particularly for Rizzo who credits his wife for his success.

Other Facts About Emily Vakos – Anthony Rizzo’s Wife

Her exact net worth is unknown, although it is believed to be well into six figures at the very least. Her husband’s net worth, on the other hand, is $27 million, acquired from a successful career in the Major League Baseball where he has earned over $39 million in salaries.

Emily Vakos isn’t known to have a social media presence of her own but often makes regular appearances on her husband’s social media page, particularly on Instagram via @arizz_44.

Emily Vakos enjoys traveling and has been on several trips with her husband, including vacations to exotic places like Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.

Her exact height is unknown but she has an average height along with other features such as brown colored eyes and hair.

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