A Reveal of Emily Riedel’s Net Worth and Other Facts About The Opera Singer

Emily Riedel is an American gold miner who also works as an opera singer and a reality TV star. Born into a very poor family, she had no choice but to learn to fend for herself at a very tender age. After starting her career as an opera singer, she delved into gold dredging only as a means to an end but eventually fell in love with it. With her heart still set on achieving her goals of being a successful opera singer, she’s probably open to leaving dredging someday, but for now, she seems to be loving every bit of it.

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Who Is Emily Riedel? 

Emily Riedel was born on July 4, 1988, in Alaska, US. There is very little information available with regards to her parents except for the fact that they were into the business of fishing. While the name of her mother is unknown, her dad has been identified as Steven Riedel. Growing up was anything but fun for young Emily as her parents were unable to provide most of the things she desired. However, in a bid to escape the harsh realities of life, she fell in love with music, classical music to be precise, and had hopes of one day becoming an opera singer.

While there is no information regarding her high school education, it’s a known fact that Emily Riedel attended the University of North Carolina’s School of Arts where she was trained on how to use her voice as a true representation of her emotions while singing. During her time as a student of the North Carolina’s School of Arts, she worked part-time in order to assist her parents in the payment of her tuition.

However, things took a different turn when she got invited to Nome, Alaska by her childhood friend Zeke Tenhoff. On getting to Norm, he offered her a job as a gold miner. Although it seemed new and highly tasking, Emily really needed the extra cash and as a result of that, she dedicated herself to learning all that the job entailed from Zeke.

Her big break eventually came in 2013 when she was offered a contract by discovery channel to feature on the reality show, Bering Sea Gold, which was solely based on the activities and life of gold miners. Without giving it much thought she accepted because she saw it as a means to achieving several goals in life. Despite being the only female on the show, she has worked her way into becoming the most important cast on the male-dominated show. Ever since taking up gold dredging as a career she has risen to heights she never thought possible. As of date, she has millions of followers on several social media platforms.

What is Her Net Worth?

Despite starting her career as a gold miner with only $300 and a tiny shack where she could lay her head after a stressful day’s work, the Bearing Sea Gold cast member has been able to amass an estimated net worth of $3 million; most of which she earned through her successful career as a gold miner and a reality TV star. While her annual salary hasn’t been made privy to the media, it is known that Emily Riedel pocketed a whopping $170,000 for her involvement in season 4 of the Alaskan based reality TV show.

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Other Things To Know About The Opera Singer

1. Emily Riedel is a proud owner of a dredge ship which she calls “The Eroica”; gotten from the Italian phrase ‘Sinfonia Eroica’ which means “Heroic Symphony” when translated to English.

2. She is currently single and in no rush to be in a relationship anytime soon. However she once dated her Bering Sea Gold cast mate Zeke Tenhoff, but they broke up as a result of too much drama in their relationship.

Emily Riedel and Zeke Tenhoff
Emily Riedel and Zeke Tenhoff (Image Source)

3. During an interview in 2016, she confessed to being a big fan of the classical singers – Anna Moffo and Marilyn Horne, and one day hopes to surpass their musical achievements.

4. Besides singing and gold mining, she is very passionate about mountain climbing and ice skating. On February 4, 2019, she participated in the Women Ski/Haven fundraiser.

5. The opera singer stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches and has a weight of 62 Kg.

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