Elsie Hewitt Was Once Ryan Phillippe’s Girlfriend – Here Is The Truth About Their Relationship

It takes little or nothing to be in the limelight as a celebrity, but the worst part is when you are in for the wrong reasons. Elsie Hewitt and her ex-boyfriend, Ryan, have recently been on the public spot with Hewitt accusing Ryan of excessive drug use and domestic violence. While these two accusations are grave, it gets even worse when it involves two famous individuals.

Elsie Hewitt is an American model and actress best known for working with famous fashion brands like GUESS. On the other hand, Ryan Phillippe is a renowned actor who has successfully established himself in America’s biggest entertainment industry, Hollywood. The two were known for their romantic ties, which suddenly went sour. And following the rift between them, which went viral, many people want to know more about Phillippe’s ex-girlfriend. Here is more to learn about their relationship and the rising model.

The Truth About Elsie Hewitt’s Relationship with Ryan Phillippe

When news of Ryan Phillippe’s relationship with Elsie Hewitt made it to the public space in April 2017, it was met with condemnation. At the time, Elsie Hewitt, born in 1996, was just heading out of her teenage years while Ryan was in his early 40s. The age difference drew a lot of disapproval.

At the time, it was the second controversial relationship involving the Cruel Intentions star. Before Elsie, he was in a relationship with a law student, Paulina Slagter, for a couple of years before it ended in November 2016. As it turns out, there was more for celebrity followers to worry about than Elsie Hewitt’s age difference with the actor.

Elsie Hewitt
Ryan and Elsie: image source

Elsie Accused Ryan Phillippe of Assault

Shortly after they reportedly began their relationship in April 2017, Elise Hewitt accused Ryan of assaulting her. She filed a $1 million lawsuit in September 2017, accusing him of assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. In the suit she filed, Elsie claimed that she visited Ryan to get her things from his house, and he physically attacked her and violently threw her down the stairs, yelling at her to get out.

Elsie also claimed that after the incident, she went to the hospital before reporting to the police. She was issued a temporary protective order by the police, which expired a few days after the incident. The protective order required Phillippe to stay 100 yards away from the model. During the case, Elsie Hewitt also claimed that Ryan takes drugs like psychedelic mushrooms, steroids, and cocaine. However, in a statement which he posted on his Twitter handle, Ryan claims that Elsie’s allegations are all false, adding that her $1 million lawsuits were part of her plans to extort money from him.

Afterward, Shawn Holley, Ryan’s attorney, also released a statement saying that his client remembers every single detail of the incident and that Elsie’s criminal charges were all false.

They Reached Out of Court Settlement in 2019

A little over two years after she filed the suit at a Los Angeles Court, Elsie and Ryan Phillippe filed a notice of settlement. The notice was submitted to a Los Angeles Court on October 10, 2017. The exact terms of the settlement are unknown, although it is presumed to involve a substantial amount of money. Unfortunately, because of the confidential nature of the settlement, the truth about Elsie Hewitt’s allegation remains unknown.

How Elsie Hewitt Became Famous

Hewitt was ten years old when she and her family relocated to Los Angeles from London. Elsie has not revealed any meaningful information about her family, including her parents and siblings. However, she spoke of herself as being independent since she was young and had been working since she was 15 years of age.

The exact year Elsie began her modeling career is still a mystery, but her early success was modeling for Guess. After a couple of years as an aspiring model, Elsie Hewitt found her claim to fame in June 2017. She was named Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in June 2017. The title brought her onto the limelight, and combined with her fast-rising social media profile, Elsie joined the popular modeling agency, Wilhelmina. On social media, the model has more than 900 thousand followers on Instagram (@elsie).

Beyond modeling, Elsie Hewitt’s popularity also comes from her acting roles. She played Victoria in the web series show, Turnt, appearing in thirty episodes. She has also appeared in the TV show, Group. Asides TV, the model has also appeared in music videos and short films like Underwater, Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? by Mostly Ghostly and Benny Bianco & Juice WRLD’s Graduation.

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Her Life Since the Settlement

Elsie Hewitt
Elsie with the cast of Dave: image source

With the boost gained from the allegations against Ryan Phillippe, along with her social media profile, Elsie Hewitt has been building a successful career as a media star. As an actress, she appeared as herself in an episode of the TV show, Dave, in 2020. She is also due to appear in a film, Teenage Badass, where she is expected to play the character, Melanie.

On social media, specifically Instagram, Elsie continues to garner thousands of likes via scantily-clad pictures that show off her impressive figure. The photos, featured on her primary account, consist of her modeling and photography projects. She has another Instagram account, @elsieeats, where she documents her love of food. The model goes to different restaurants and tries out meals like burgers, bolognese, and pasta.

Elsie foodie persona spills out of Instagram and to YouTube. She has a channel, Elsie Hewitt, where she posts videos of her food tours. So far, the channel has more than 9,500 subscribers and more than 210 thousand views. As part of her efforts in building a successful career, Elsie has a website, elsiehewitt.com, where she houses all her multimedia projects, including her ever-expanding portfolio.

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