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Journalism today may be at the center of an unending controversy but it has no doubt remained one of the world’s last line of defense as the divergence from moral uprightness grows between sections of society. No longer is it just their job to report on the news, but they now bear the responsibility of interpreting the truth in order to salvage an increasingly apathetic society. One of the journalists doing a better job of this is Ellison Barber, a Fox News Channel journalist.

Barber has been with Fox News Channel since 2017 and has worked as both an anchor for one of the channel’s shows and as a field correspondent. We took a closer look at the life of Ellison Barber and you can read all about it below.

Ellison Barber’s Bio & Age

Ellison Barber was born on the 20th of October, 1989 and so far, that is the extent of the available information regarding the birth of the journalist. There is no information regarding her birthplace or her birth parents. The dearth of information about her continues well into her high school years until college where we know she attended Wofford College and graduated with a degree in English in 2012.

Her academic qualifications made Ellison Barber prime for a career in journalism and she started professionally at the Washington Free Beacon, where she worked as a writer before she joined her first TV news media, WUSA-TV, a CBS affiliate station also based in Washington.

Through Washington Free Beacon and WUSA-TV, Ellison Barber had gained experience covering major aspects of American society like the United States Congress, with additional experience across other sectors by working as a general assignment reporter.

Following the accumulation of this level of experience, Ellison Barber got a chance to elevate her career and joined Fox News Channel in April 2017 where she has been working primarily in continuation of her role at WUSA-TV as a general assignment correspondent.

Ellison Barber
Ellison Barber (right) on a day out with friends

Her career has seen her report on stories like the U.S Capitol lockdown, the murder of the Savopoulos family and an interview with Alexander Ovechkin, which went viral.

Is She Married, Who Are The Family?

Ellison Barber, since she began appearing on TV as a news correspondent has been able to build a significant fanbase, most of whom are interested in her relationship status. So far, Ellison is still a single woman, but unavailable. She is in a relationship with Andy Tongren and a run through her Instagram page tells the story of a couple who enjoy being together.

We cannot quite tell how long they have been together, but the journalist and the lead vocalist for the rock band, Young Rising Sons seem to be destined for a long time together, and perhaps one day, it would be in form of marriage.


As someone in the media, it is no surprise that Ellison Barber has managed to keep some personal details about her life away from the prying eyes of certain aspects of her industry. Other than the confirmation that she is not the only child born to her parents, very little is known in terms of the relationship between Ellison Barber and her parents.

There is also no information regarding their profession or where they gave birth to Ellison but they are considered to be supportive parents who have supported Ellison Barber during the developmental stages of her journalism career.

What is Ellison Barber’s Net Worth?

Journalism may not offer the glamour and glorification that Hollywood offers but there is a similar lucrativeness to the profession relative to other professions. Having been working in the industry for at least five years, working her way up from being a staff writer to being a correspondent for a major news network, Ellison Barber has no doubt experienced some of the lucrative nature of her profession in terms of her personal income. Unfortunately, we do not have exact figures for her net worth but it is expected to be in six figures.

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What Is Her Height?

Ellison Barber has a lot of fans, as evidenced by her social media page, some of which are down to her ability to relay the news to her audience but some of it has also been down to the excellence of her physical profile.

Starting from her height, the Fox News journalist has a height of 5 feet 7 inches and a slim body shape that has noticeable features like light blonde hair and brown eyes.

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