Crucial Points In Ellison Barber’s Career Growth and Facts About Her Net Worth & Family

Journalism today may be at the center of an unending controversy but it has no doubt remained one of the world’s last line of defense as the divergence from moral uprightness grows between sections of society. No longer is it just their job to report on the news, but they now bear the responsibility of interpreting the truth in order to salvage an increasingly apathetic society. One of the journalists doing a better job of this is Ellison Barber, a Fox News Channel journalist.

Barber has been with Fox News Channel since 2017 and has worked as both an anchor for one of the channel’s shows and as a field correspondent.

Ellison Barber Began As A Writer Before Transitioning To TV

Ellison Litton Barber was born on the 20th of October, 1989. After high school, she proceeded to attend Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where she majored in English and creative writing and graduated with a degree in 2012.

Barber’s academic qualifications made her prime for a career in journalism and she started professionally at the Washington Free Beacon, where she worked as a writer before she joined her first TV news media, WUSA-TV, a CBS affiliate station also based in Washington. At WUSA, she worked as the Prince George’s County deputy bureau chief and general assignment reporter.

She Encountered Russia’s Alexander Ovechkin While At WUSA-TV

During her time at WUSA, Ellison reported on the blizzard that struck the East Coast in 2016, and while on it, she ran into Russian ice hockey star and Washington Capitals captain, Alexander Ovechkin, thus becoming the subject of the video, which went viral.

Ellison was reporting the incident outside a local gas station on the 22nd of January 2016 and she was looking for people to interview when the driver of a Mercedes-Benz SUV pulled up and began filling up with the man he came with standing by the car. She approached them and being one of the world’s best hockey players, Ellison Barber could not but recognize Ovechkin

Unwilling to let the rare opportunity slip out of her hands, she quickly asked him for a brief interview and he agreed. She asked him why he was out in the blizzard and he said they were getting gas for his snowblower in order for them to help clear their neighbors’ driveways and cars.

As a reporter for WUSA, Ellison Barber also reported many other stories some of which include the May 14, 2015 killing of three Savopoulos family members and their housekeeper at their home in Washington, D.C, the U.S Capitol lock-down of March 2016, and the protests that broke out after Terrence Sterling was shot to death by D.C. police.

Ellison Barber
Ellison Barber (right) on a day out with friends

She joined Fox News in 2017

By working at Washington Free Beacon and WUSA-TV, Ellison Barber gained experience covering major aspects of the American society like the United States Congress, with additional experience across other sectors by working as a general assignment reporter. Following her accumulation of this magnitude of experience, she got a chance to move her career to the next level when she landed a job at Fox News Channel in April 2017.

At Fox News, she worked primarily in the continuation of her role at WUSA-TV as a general assignment correspondent. In 2019 when thousands of Venezuela citizens were moving to Colombia every day in search of their basic needs as a result of the political unrest in the country, Ellison traveled down there to cover the humanitarian crisis. While reporting on the situation at the Venezuelan-Colombian border, she alongside members of her crew were caught in gunfire that lasted for half an hour.

The talented journalist also traveled to the city of Maicao in Colombia where she covered the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees assistance camp built in a bid to ease the suffering of Venezuelan refugees fleeing the country. This made her the very first reporter for an English-language television channel based in the U.S to do so.

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Landing A Job At One Of America’s Highest-Rated Channels

Having established herself as a journalist extraordinaire, NBC News offered Ellison a job in April 2020. She started working with the network on April 15, 2020; she is employed to cover international and domestic breaking news, according to a memo by NBC News senior vice president of editorial, Janelle Rodriguez. It is expected that she will be based in the city of New York but due to the fact that she was hired at the peak of the novel coronavirus pandemic in the U.S, she will remain in Washinton D.C area pending when the pandemic subsides.

What We Know About The Journalist’s Net Worth

Journalism may not offer the glamour and glorification that Hollywood offers but there is a similar lucrativeness to the profession relative to other professions.

Having been working in the industry for more than five years, climbing through the ranks from being a staff writer to being a correspondent for a major news network, Ellison Barber has, no doubt, experienced some of the lucrative nature of her profession in terms of her personal income.

Her career growth has made many admirers curious to know exactly how much she earns. While Barber nor her employers have ever made her earnings public, Payscale estimates that news reporters for NBC earn between $29k and $98k, thus, Barber’s earning could fall somewhere between that range. With insufficient details about her income, it isn’t exactly clear how much she is worth.

Ellison’s Parents Are TV Personalities

Ellison Barber’s success in the journalism industry might have a thing or two to do with the fact that her parents were there long before her. She is the second of three daughters born to Reverend Don and Cheryl Barber, hosts of GoodNews, a family and faith-oriented entertainment talk show that that features the best in stories of faith, celebrity guests, and movies.

Apart from their talk show, which was once nominated for an Emmy Award, Ellie’s parents also speak at different kinds of events, including marriage retreats, conferences by sports organizations, and professional corporate events. In addition to their combined work, the couple also hosts speaking engagements on their own. While Don speaks at men’s ministry meetings and professional men’s groups, his wife does the same for women’s groups.

She Attended The Same College With Her Sisters In Line With Their Family Tradition

Ellison was raised in Atlanta alongside her older and younger sisters, Stewart Barber Young and Lindel Barber Waclawski respectively. Just like Ellison Barber, her sisters attended Wofford College, continuing in their family tradition – their great-great-uncle, grandfather and father Horace Smith, Gary Barber, and Don, attending the same institution.

Speaking to Wofford Today, a campus magazine, in 2010, Don Barber revealed that when Ellison and her sisters were babies, he would dress them up in little Wofford sweatshirts, hoping that they would grow up to tow his path when they were due for college. As fate would have it, each of the girls found something that they liked in Wofford despite their individual differences.

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They not only attended the same college as their dad but also managed to live in his old dorm room, Greene Hall room 101. The first daughter, Stewart, graduated in 2009 with a degree in English and government major and landed a job as Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss legislative correspondent. Lindel, on the other hand, finished in the year 2014 and got a job at Intel Corporation, where she serves as a policy analyst and communications specialist.

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