Ellie Harvey – Children, Siblings & Everything About Jason Day’s Wife

Although Golf as a sport does not share the same global popularity as basketball or soccer, it still boasts of globally recognized personalities who have distinguished themselves as superstars in the sport. One famous name is Tiger Woods, who is known across the US and beyond, while another is Jason Day, an Australian, whose fame has extended to his wife, Ellie Harvey.

Their marriage is one of the high-profile marriages in the world of Golf, and on her own, Ellie Harvey has been a subject of several news stories, such as an unfortunate incident during a basketball ball involving LeBron James.

For the curious, we discuss more of this incident, along with other relevant and interesting facts you need to know about Ellie Harvey below. Read on to learn more.

Early Life

Ellie Harvey was born on the 30th of April, 1986 in Lucas, Ohio to Tom Harvey and Lucy Sanchez Knapp. Her father, Tom is a former basketball and baseball coach who worked at the high school level.

For her education, Ellie Harvey, who through marriage now often go by Ellie Day, attended Lucas High School. It is unknown if Ellie attended college but she did attend a beauty school, where she learned to become a beautician. As part of her education, Ellie Harvey also enrolled for a business degree online with a desire to establish her own business, a salon.

Since her marriage, she has spent a considerable amount of time attending her husband’s golf games, expressing her support through the victories and the disappointments. She is also a noticeable partner of her husband for various charitable causes.

Ellie Harvey’s husband, Jason Day is a known professional golfer who began his career as a professional golfer in 2006 and has succeeded in climbing to the top of the sport, winning various major championships, including the PGA Championship which he won in 2015. In the same year, he also reached number one in the World Golf Rankings.


Ellie Harvey
Ellie Harvey, her husband, Jason Day and their children for a celebratory picture

Ellie Harvey has so far, given birth to two children, the first being, Dash James Day, who was born on the 1st of July, 2012 and the second being Lucy Adenil Day, who was born in November 2015.

Her children are a result of a long and happy relationship that has developed between herself and her husband, Jason Day.

The two of them met in Twinsburg, in 2005, while Ellie was working as a waitress in Mavis Winkle’s Irish Pub. They did not begin a relationship until a year later when the celebration of Jason Day’s victory at the Legend Financial Group Classic led to the start of a relationship.

Since the relationship began, Ellie Harvey and Jason’s relationship has deepened, resulting in a marriage that began on the 3rd of October, 2009 during a wedding in Lucas, Ohio. Ellie Harvey and her family now reside in Lucas, Ohio.


There is plenty we do not know about the background of Ellie Harvey, and that includes her relationship with her brother, Clark Harvey.

So far, all we know is she grew up with a solitary sibling named Clark Harvey. Despite the knowledge of his existence, details about him remain elusive.

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Other Facts About Ellie Harvey

• In 2015, Ellie Harvey and Jason Day attended a Cleveland Cavaliers game and during the game, LeBron James, while in pursuit of a loose ball, crashed into Ellie. The crash left Ellie needing a neck brace and she left the game in a stretcher after she was discovered to have suffered a concussion.

• Sadly, the LeBron crash is not the only accident Ellie has been involved in. She and her children were involved in an accident in 2016 that involved a bus and her car. The family was quickly rushed to the hospital, along with a friend who was in the car, no one sustained a major injury.

• Her bubbly personality and beauty have made her into one of the most admired wives of golf players and you can see proof of it via her Instagram page, where she has a modest following.

• Ellie Harvey’s father, Tom did not like her husband, Jason and was not in support of their relationship at the initial stage. It took time and a mountain of evidence that Jason is not like every other athlete for him to come around.

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