The Truth About Elizabeth Hanks – Tom Hanks Daughter

How familiar are you with Elizabeth Hanks? She is an American actress who has also made a name for herself as a writer and editor. Long before she became known for her acting and writing, she had already become popular for being the daughter of Tom Hanks, a very famous and respected American actor. Today, Elizabeth has devoted a lot of time to writing and editing.

Even though she is the daughter of celebrity parents and was born into fame, Elizabeth grew through the fanfare to forge her own career path in the literary world. She is also famed for roles she played alongside her actor father in the movie, Forrest Gump.

Who Is Elizabeth Hanks and How Old Is She? 

Elizabeth Hanks
Samantha Bryant, Colin Hanks, Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Ann Hanks, Chet Hanks and Truman Theodore Hanks (Image Source)

Elizabeth Hanks was born on the 17th of May, 1982 in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, Elizabeth Hanks attended the very prestigious Archer School for Girls, a private college preparatory school in Los Angeles, and graduated in 2001 with a diploma to the excitement of her parents. After her graduation, she proceeded to attend Vassar College, a liberal arts college located in Poughkeepsie, a town in New York and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature in 2004.

Armed with her passion for more knowledge, Elizabeth also proceeded to attend the University of St. Andrews, a public university in Scotland, where she studied literature from 2003-2004. The actress is now very fluent in Spanish and English languages.

Meet Her Parents and Siblings

She was born to parents who were Hollywood stars; her father, Tom Hanks, is a very successful and revered American actor and her mother, the late Samantha Lewes, was also a famous American movie star. Elizabeth has one brother identified as Colin Hanks, who is also an American actor.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth’s parents did not stay together for too long. They divorced in 1987 and Tom Hanks married another American actress called Rita Wilson. The union produced two kids who are now Elizabeth’s step-siblings. They are identified as Chester Marlon ‘Chet’ Hanks and Truman Theodore. Like his parents, Chester is also an actor.

After her parents divorced, Elizabeth stayed with her father and was raised by her step-mother, Rita Wilson but, of course, also had very frequent interactions with her birth mother. She grew up with her siblings in Los Angeles and partly in Sacramento, two cities in the State of California. Very sadly, Elizabeth’s mother, Samantha Lewes, passed away on the 12th of March 2002 but Rita Wilson stepped in for her in the trying period with motherly warmth and comfort. Today, both women are very close and fond of each other.

Career Achievements

Elizabeth Hanks
Elizabeth Hanks with her brother, Colin Hanks, their stepmom Rita Wilson and Colin’s pregnant wife, Samantha Bryant

Growing up with celebrity parents who were stars in Hollywood, it was easy for Elizabeth to develop an interest in acting. However, even though she has featured in some movies, she is not known to be a prolific actress as she has acted in only a handful of films. She made her first movie appearance in 1994 when she was featured in Forrest Gump. In the movie, she was given the role of a rude girl who blatantly refused to allow a young Forrest Gump to sit beside her on a bus. The movie also featured her father, Tom Hanks, who starred in the lead role.

About two years later in 1996, Elizabeth made another movie appearance in That Thing You Do, a comedy-drama film. Years later, she then made another appearance in Anchorage, a short drama in 2015.

Apart from her acting, Elizabeth is known to be an avid writer who also has incredible editing skills. She even owns her own blog where she pens her thoughts about different issues. She has worked as an editor for the Huffington Post, a popular American News and opinion website. She now works with the Los Angeles Review of Books, a well known literary review journal, as the Children’s Editor.

Elizabeth has also been revealed to be a lover of horse riding. She is also said to be a great supporter of the United States’ soccer team.

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Is She Married?

Many aspects of Elizabeth Hanks’ life are very public, considering her fame, but the one thing she has kept hidden is her relationship status. The writer has been very tight-lipped on that aspect of her life and fans are curious to know about the man in her life.

There are speculations that she is married but is keeping her marriage as private as possible. However, this has not been confirmed.

Elizabeth sometimes writes about love and relationships on her blog and this often fuels speculations about her love life. However, there is no sign or report indicating that she is in a relationship. It is therefore quite safe to assert that she is single at the moment.

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