Elise Laurenne – Biography, Other Facts About The Cosplayer
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Before delving into this article proper let’s start by defining cosplay. Etymologically, the word cosplay is derived from two words which are – costume and play. The art which originated in Japan is one that involves people wearing Costumes similar to that of a character from a cartoon, anime or video game. That being said, Elise Laurenne is a famous Cosplayer known for her unique outfits and sense of style. Besides being a cosplayer she also equals as a model; read on to know more about Laurenne, her early life, as well as several fun facts we gathered about her.

Elise Laurenne Biography

Elise Laurenne was born on April 2, 1996, in Toronto, Canada. She possesses Canadian nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. As at the date of this article, not much is known as regards her childhood, family, educational background or qualifications. However, she once revealed that her initial exposure to cosplay came at the tender age of 5 but despite the fact that she found it thrilling she was too little to understand what it was all about. As the years rolled by, she began understanding what cosplay actually stood for and found it highly intriguing. Within a short time, she became an ardent lover of cosplay and began attending cosplay expos, seminars and symposiums. At the age of 12, she made her foray into cosplay officially by dressing up as a character from the Japanese Manga series Elfen Lied.

Enthralled by the massive reception her first cosplay outfit received she started rocking several outfits so as to show her love for the art. Furthermore, Elise Laurenne decided to take up cosplay as a career and began making her own cosplay outfits: a move which in turn brought her massive recognition among cosplayers owing to the fact that her outfits were very unique and different. One of her most popular costumes was an “anti gwenom suit” – for that piece she drew inspiration from the suit of Spiderman, the Punisher and Harley Quinn from the movie Batman. Several sources claim she worked on that suit with her ex-boyfriend Brandon Gilbert, but she never confirmed or denied this.

As a result of her hard work and diligence to cosplaying she soon started receiving offers from several top brands asking her to promote and model fashion items such as jeans, lingerie, and bras. As a model, Elise Laurenne has worked for several multi-million dollars brands like Versace and Calvin Klein. Although she can’t be categorized as a top model yet, it’s only a matter of time giving the time and effort she puts in it.

Interesting Facts About The Cosplayer

If you already know the things we have discussed above about Elise Laurenne, here are facts to keep you up to date about the famous cosplayer.

1. Besides cosplaying and modeling Elise Laurenne also has a strong passion for gaming. Her love for gaming cannot be overemphasized as she has a total of over 5000 active followers on her Twitch account. Her favorite game is Players Unknown Battleground.

2. The Toronto born model is the farthest thing from shy when it comes to exposing her body. In the past, she was a vocal member of a subscription website called Naked News which entailed girls reading the news stark naked. She also was Part of an online community Website called SuicideGirls which required a subscription for members to view pictures of hot models wearing little or no clothing at all.

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3. As at the time this report was filed, several sources peg Elise Laurenne’s net worth at an estimate of $1 million, she earned a majority of that stake through her career as a model for top fashion brands as well as being a cosplayer.

4. She is active on several social media platforms and can be found using the handle @elislaurenne on Instagram where she has a massive 1.2 million followers.

5. Speaking about her body measurements, Elise has a height of 5 feet 3 inches with a body to die for. To other more private body measurements, she has a bust size of 34 inches, a waist size of 25 inches, and a hip size of 31 inches. Her most impressive body features include her long brown hair and her brown set of eyes.

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