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Sometimes, to sustain a successful career, the peace that comes from the home front is a very germane factor. One of such wise women who is ensuring this factor plays itself out for the balance and benefit of her husband’s career is Elaine Chappelle, the wife of the American joke master Dave Chappelle.

Surviving in a niche that puts one to the full glare of the world where diverse opinions can be generated about you by multitudes, one needs a close partner whose understanding, acceptance and corporation will perpetually create the ambience needed to swim pleasurably through the waters of uncertainties that come with fame. This ambience is what Dave Chappelle has been relishing in the woman who walked down the aisle with him in 2001, Elaine Chappelle.

Who is Elaine Chappelle? 

Even though not so much can be said about her prior to her marriage to Dave in 2001, Elaine had brilliantly managed to become a sought-after woman who is being silently followed by many due to her subtle way of steadying the tides in her husband’s famous career without being enmeshed in the quagmire of public troubles, a prowess that makes her control the limelight.

Born Elaine Mendoza Erfe on August 31, 1974, in Brooklyn, New York City to Filipino parents who had immigrated to the U.S from the Philippines with high hopes to better the lives of their wards, Elaine had always been an enthusiast who wanted to improve people’s living by being a chef. Ending up as a wife and mother in the house of Dave where absolute home keeping and family management will not afford her the luxury of practising as a chef, she employed her culinary skills on the home front and became a boss in the Chappelle’s kitchen.

Her mastery in that domestic aspect has always received accolades by her husband on occasions he has made to enthuse about the sole woman in his life. One of such times had Dave praising Elaine for making their family dine like kings. One needs to search no further for the reason why her family has remained intact amidst enormous fame for years in a society that can hardly boast of marital longevity.

Her home management capacity spreads across divides. She has managed some profit-making real estate acquired by her husband in Ohio and have no fault recorded.

It bemuses to know that Dave and Elaine’s marriage has thrived in one of the most delicate situations that have endangered the family – religious and cultural diversities. Elaine was born and raised a Christian and that is the faith she’s been practising in matrimony with Dave who, on the other hand, converted to Islam just before their marriage and has been devoted to the faith. This difference has been managed in their family with each choosing to understand from the other’s standpoint and being honest whenever questions are raised about the subject.

Elaine’s parents are from the Philippines and so, she has a rich Filipino culture that she blends well with the western life in Brooklyn her country home.

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Relationship With Dave Chappelle

Elaine Chappelle
Elaine and her family

Elaine married Dave Chappelle in 2001 but not until after she had allowed her reservations about him being the talk of the town to drag her back from going into a romantic relationship with him. She had refused to date Dave because she felt her own calm and genteel nature contradicts the noisy life of a comedian Dave would be living. Her hesitation to consent to a romance with Dave was obviously due to the vociferous and vulnerable lifestyle of celebrities which she dreaded, or was just not ready to accept as life and marital challenge.

Having gone past the fear of noisy lifestyle by discovering the true, coolheaded, shy guy in the comedian called Dave Chappelle, she settled for a smooth, unnoticed romance with Dave. Only a few will be able to say much about their premarital love life because Elaine hadn’t chosen to let much out about it just as Dave waters it down to jokes whenever they are poked to speak on it. Their marriage had since produced three kids, two boys – Ibrahim Chappelle and Sulayman Chappelle with one girl – Sonal Chappelle.

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