Riveting Facts About Andrea Gallagher (Eddie Gallagher’s Wife)

Andrea Gallagher is an entrepreneur who got into the news for the actions of her husband, Eddie Gallagher. Despite the negative press that has come to her family as a result of her husband, she still manages to keep a bold front for her family. More than just learning about how Andrea Gallagher came to be known, the following are the details of her life, including all the facts that are worth knowing about her.

Her Early Life and Career Beginnings

Andrea Gallagher
Andrea Gallagher and Eddie (Image Source)

Andrea Gallagher is known for the marital ties she has to Eddie Gallagher but there is more to her. Andrea Gallagher (nee Shively) was born on the 5th of April, 1980 in Indiana. She grew up in Fort Wayne with her two siblings and parents, Sharon and Larry. Northrop High School was where she had her high school education, while the university she attended is not known.

Andrea had always shared mutual friends with Edward Gallagher, and when they were teens, some of their friends introduced them to one another. They became best friends and in 2006 they started dating. The following year, 2007, they were married. The couple has three children together, two boys and a girl. Their first child, Treven, was born in 2000 while their daughter, Ava Grace, followed in 2004; their last child Ryan was born in 2009.

Eddie joined the Navy in 1999 and he was part of the military for 19 years. In this time, he became decorated for the work he had done during the eight oversea deployments he had embarked on; most of these deployments were to countries in the Middle East.

But awards for service wouldn’t be all he is known for; the man earned a reputation for himself due to how brutal he was in his dealings. Different investigation panels had been set up on his account to pass judgment for some of his more grievous offences. Despite the measures put in place to curb this aggression it only seemed to get worse and in 2018, on the date of the anniversary of the twin towers bombing, he was arrested for committing certain war crimes.

War is a dangerous affair and as the human species has evolved, we have found more sophisticated ways to fight our wars. This is why in 1949 after the greatest war that mankind had ever experienced, the Geneva conventions were created to curb how people treat others during wars. Failure to follow these conventions means that you will get charged with War Crimes. Eddie Gallagher’s trial was highly publicized and even the president, Trump intervened in the happenings on the case.

On the 2nd of July 2019, he was found guilty of one of the charges levelled against him, and he had already spent time in jail which made up for the duration of the sentence, his second punishment was a demotion.

Throughout the case, Andrea maintained that her husband was innocent and made sure the world knew his side of the story. She spearheaded the #FreeEddie campaign on Twitter, had her friends help her and solicited for crowdfunding to pay her husband’s legal fees.

Andrea Gallagher owns a business called Better Business Babe. Her company seeks to help other women make great entrepreneurial decisions by coaching them and offering consultation services. She had been fully committed to her mothering duties and she realized that she wanted more out of life, so she decided to start a business by utilizing her love for photography. As a result of a desire to empower other women to take the bold step into becoming businesswomen, she decided to create the business she has today.

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Other Interesting Tidbits

Andrea Gallagher and her husband Eddie Gallagher
Andrea Gallagher and her husband Eddie Gallagher: Image Source

1. Her campaign on Twitter was what caught Trump’s attention and caused him to intervene in her husband’s case. His intervention was him demanding that Eddie spend the rest of the trial period in better jail conditions. The only other time this has happened was with Nixon in 1971.

2. Her friends from high school also helped with her campaign for the freedom of her husband.

3. Andrea Gallagher has two dogs and she considers them as members of her family.

4. She is currently making a documentary about her husband’s experience but the release date for the documentary has not been announced yet.

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