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The human body serves several purposes. Apart from its primary function as the structure that houses our brain and helps us function as part of the ecosystem of the planet, it also serves an aesthetic function as a work of art. Among the hundreds of human sectors that exist, there is none that celebrates this fact as much as the modeling industry, which boasts of men like Dustin McNeer, a fantastic model who is making males and females alike thirsty.

Like almost everything American, Dustin McNeer became the toast of the thirsty world when he appeared on the 22nd season of America’s Next Top Model: Boys & Girls. Although McNeer did not go on to win that competition, he has remained in the consciousness of men and women who cannot get enough of his attractive body. Learn more about the sizzling hot model by reading below.

Dustin McNeer’s Biography

They say it is tacky to only like a person for their looks. We argue that it is fair when they look like Dustin McNeer, whose ridiculously good looks are so godlike. Simply appreciating him for his looks feels like the only fair thing to do. Like a blessing we did not deserve, Dustin McNeer was welcomed into the world by his parents on the 27th of May 1997 in a little town in Kernersville, North Carolina. He was then raised in Lewisville where like several other young children his age, he attended Forsyth Country Day School.

One wonders what life must have been like for Dustin McNeer every day, walking into the halls of Forsyth to the admiration of everyone who looked upon him with celestial admiration. We can only dream.

Though Dustin McNeer was born and raised in a small town, his beauty was meant to be shared with the rest of the world and he began this process by taking on modeling after he graduated high school, completely foregoing college. Since he took up modeling, he has been getting gigs from several fashion companies who are interested in putting his looks to good use.

Dustin McNeer
Dustin McNeer and friends at an American Next Top Model Party

Armed with a breathtaking smile and eyes as blue as the ocean, complemented with perfect hair that makes both bald and hairy men jealous, Dustin has been able to deploy these great looks in service of brands like Calvin Klein and Hollister who have gratefully put the Kernersville-born model in their fashion pieces.

Despite his apparent popularity as an attractive young man, Dustin McNeer hasn’t opened up much of his life to media attention despite the growing interest. Regardless, through research, we have been able to gather a few facts about the American stud.

Is He Gay?

Unfortunately for at least one half of the human population, Dustin McNeer is possibly a gay man. Despite the disappointing realization to several straight women, the news is a welcome development for gay men. Not only could Dustin McNeer be gay, but he also hasn’t shied away from giving several of his fans tantalizing looks at his body, both in and out of clothes. The model has had several blog posts written of his body in magazines such as Gay Times and is regularly encouraged to take his modeling a step further by taking a career in gay pornography.

Considering his overtly sexual personality especially in his photoshoots, Dustin can be presumed to be single. There hasn’t been any confirmation of a relationship by the modeling star.

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Other Facts You Need to Know

  1. Dustin McNeer used to be a Wrestler

Simply put, Dustin McNeer would excel in any profession that requires him to be in the best physical condition. One of those professions was wrestling and Dustin was a part of it for six years as an active member of his high school’s wrestling team. It is believed that he started his wrestling career pretty early in high school and he remained a wrestler throughout high school until graduation when he opted for a career in modeling instead.

  1. His first modeling contract was from Hollister

In the modeling industry, prestige comes from the brands you have worked with and Dustin McNeer, right out of the gate as a model, worked for Hollister, a subsidiary of the iconic Abercrombie & Fitch. As a model for the company, he modeled jeans and briefs as a perfect representation of the company’s ideals and goals for the male body. Since Hollister, Dustin has modeled for other brands like Calvin Klein.

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