Unraveling Dustin McNeer’s Biography and How He Became Famous

Dustin McNeer is in the class of not too many celebrities who have gained fame thanks to their good looks. He became the toast of the beauty-thirsty world when he appeared on the 22nd season of America’s Next Top Model: Boys & Girls. Although McNeer did not go on to win that competition, he has remained in the consciousness of men and women who cannot get enough of his attractive body.

One would think that he would go on to make a career as a professional model but instead, he has rewritten his story and is now a bodybuilder instead. He has gone on to win some championships including the NPC Overall contest. Just as his professional life has evolved, so also has his personal life.

The Early Life of Dustin McNeer

Dustin McNeer was welcomed into the world by his parents on the 27th of May 1997 in a little town in Kernersville, North Carolina. He was then raised in Lewisville where like several other young children his age, he attended Forsyth Country Day School. He revealed that he has a brother and sister who he is very close to alongside his mother.

Dustin McNeer would excel in any profession that requires him to be in the best physical condition. Back in his high school days, Dustin was for six years an active member of his high school’s wrestling team. McNeer remained a wrestler throughout high school until graduation when he opted for a career in modeling instead.

Since he took up modeling, he has been getting gigs from several fashion companies who are interested in putting his looks to good use. Armed with a breathtaking smile and eyes as blue as the ocean, complemented with perfect hair, Dustin has been able to deploy these great looks in service of brands like Calvin Klein and Hollister who have gratefully put the Kernersville-born model in their fashion pieces.

Despite his apparent popularity as an attractive young man, Dustin McNeer hasn’t opened up much of his life to media attention despite the growing interest.

Dustin McNeer
Dustin McNeer and friends at an American Next Top Model Party

How He Met Fame

While there are those who have become famous for their talent, there are those that gain fame for what they have, and still, others who as stated, gain fame thanks to their looks. That is it with Dustin McNeer. With good looks that have always been obvious, he decided when he was only 17 to become a model.

Before this decision, he was interested in a number of sports but his main dream was to go into the professional circle and make a living in criminal justice. Everything changed for him when he took a leap into the world of beauty and modeling.

Although he was getting gigs from time to time, he was not getting famous and at the time, he did not know about “America’s Next Top Model.” After he was told about it, he followed the show for the next two seasons before deciding to try it out in 2015. Coming from the east coast, it was the first time he was traveling to Los Angeles, and he described the experience as something he was never going to forget. Unfortunately, he did not go far in the contest as he was eliminated in the third round.

Dustin McNeer, right out of the gate as a model, worked for Hollister, a subsidiary of the iconic Abercrombie & Fitch. As a model for the company, he modeled jeans and briefs as a perfect representation of the company’s ideals and goals for the male body. Since Hollister, Dustin has modeled for other brands like Calvin Klein. He has also got the opportunity to have photoshoots in different parts of the world as a model including the United Kingdom.

His brief appearance in the “Guys and Girls” edition of the show made it possible for him to get recognized and to get a number of gigs. However, he did not last long as a model before he decided to transition into becoming a professional bodybuilder who is now recognized and respected in the community. He shares his bodybuilding pictures on Instagram where he has built massive followership of more than 430,000 followers.

Dustin looks fulfilled with what he does and has won numerous competitions in his career thus far including his victory at the National Physique Committee (NPC) in 2018.

He revealed that he has an interest in becoming an actor, although he is still yet to have the break in that regard. However, he puts fitness above everything else as he revealed it is what makes him feel very happy and comfortable with himself. Hence, Dustin spends a better part of his time in the gym.

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Love Life and Controversy

The sexuality of the model turned bodybuilder is something that many have found rather interesting over the years. As a result of his good looks and the fact that he has featured in a number of gay magazines, many believe that he may as well be gay, however, he has neither come out to deny nor give credence to the speculation.

It later emerged that he was dating a female bodybuilder whose name was not given. They were known as a couple in the bodybuilding community, but they later broke up and went their separate ways.

After maintaining a quiet life away from the mainstream media for a while, Dustin got himself back in the news towards the end of 2019 when it was announced that he was arrested for assaulting a woman said to be his girlfriend. The woman was said to have brought a domestic assault report against him. There were a couple of misdemeanor charges against him; for assaulting a woman and then for injury to personal property.

The incident was reported to be as a result of a picture he saw on his girlfriend’s phone, of her ex-boyfriend. She was left with minor bruises and a damaged iPhone. He was held on a $500 bond at the Mecklenburg County Jail.

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