Drew Grant – Biography, Family & Facts About Ari Melber’s Ex-Wife

Known for his journalism achievements on MSNBC and his ability to incorporate hip-hop lines into his news show, Ari Melber has had a fulfilled life which included being married to Drew Grant, a journalist and an author. While Ari’s career has placed him in front of the camera on television, Drew’s career has been behind the camera, working in different capacities.

In this article, we take a closer look at the life of Drew Grant, her journey from childhood to becoming one of the significant names in journalism, as well as her relationship with the MSNBC journalist.

Drew Grant Biography

Drew Grant was born in Park Slope, New York City, on the 25th of May, 1972. Although a journalist and an active member of the media industry, Drew has managed to keep details regarding her life away from the public eye, with facts about her childhood and parents unknown.

What we do know in terms of her background is her academic history, where she is known to have graduated from Oberlin College where she earned a degree in English Language and Literature. Not long after she graduated from college, Drew Grant earned her place in the professional world for the first time with a website, 236.com. As her first role post-graduation, she worked as a Pop Culture Editorial Assistant. Her first professional job lasted a year and a half before she left the website in pursuit of other experiences.

Her pursuit landed her at Jossip Initiatives where she worked as an editor in the blog publishing company. Less than a year after joining Jossip, Drew Grant moved again, this time to a magazine called Nerve. The magazine, a contemporary one which focuses on culture, relationships, and sex, gave Drew another experience of pop culture journalism.

She did not spend a long time at Nerve before she moved again to another publication, Crushable. At Crushable, Drew Grant spent the longest period – two years, before she moved on to join Salon Media Group as a pop culture writer. One of her most significant employers, The New York Observer, came not long after. Consequently, she joined one of the most popular and widely read publications in the United States as its Art and Entertainment Editor.

Drew’s expertise on pop culture and everything surrounding it has translated into social media stardom, particularly on Twitter where she tweets via @videoGrew. She currently works for Ranker, where she holds the position of a writer after working with the New York Observer for five-plus years.

What Is Drew Grant’s Net Worth?

Drew Grant’s career in journalism has seen her work for several publications as a writer or an editor. The experience has brought its own financial benefits for the writer. She is currently believed to be earning an estimated $85,000 in her current position as annual salary and over time, she has been able to accrue a net worth of $500,000.

Meet Her Family

Drew Grant
Drew Grant (left) with her ex-husband, Ari Melber

During a social event in 2010, Ari Melber and Drew Grant met for the first time. Although neither of them may have left their home that day hoping to find a lover, they found each other. A relationship ensued after their meeting and they proceeded to date for three years. Drew Grant and Ari Melber decided to take things to the next level and got married in 2014, celebrating their love in front of family and friends in a private ceremony.

Considering they dated for three years, one would have expected their marital life to last a lifetime, or perhaps a considerable number of years, but the reality is often disappointing. The two put an ended to their marriage in 2017 when they completed their official divorce.

At the end of the marriage, Drew and Ari had only their memories as evidence of the marriage, with no children in the picture. Since the couple got divorced, both have moved on to other partners. Drew Grant is in a relationship with a man named Richard Alexander, while Ari Melber has been in a relationship with Alexandra Daddario.

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Other Facts About Drew Grant

1. Although she was born in New York, Drew Grant was raised in Delaware.

2. Drew Grant used to be the owner of a blog site, tvDownload, which focused on the review of several TV shows.

3. Some of her work has been published on Forbes, AV Club and a couple more other major digital publications.

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