How Old Is Dr Nowzaradan, Who Is The Wife and What Is His Net Worth?

Obesity is one of the leading causes of death in the United States and while there are efforts being made to make exercise cool, there are those whose immediate solution require surgery. This is where Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, an Iranian doctor brings his expertise into the equation and helps to change lives, one incision at a time. He can be seen on the television show, My 600-lb Life which features Dr. Nowzaradan helping several obese people shed weight. Learn more about the Iranian doctor by reading below.

Dr. Nowzaradan’s Bio

With a few exceptions, medicine is not the profession one enters for fame. Certainly not in the traditional sense of it – with all the paparazzi and tabloid gossip. However, some have become exceptional at it enough to garner the popularity and fame one would expect from the average movie star.

This is where Dr. Nowzaradan comes in. He is a star on the TLC show, My 600-lb Life. When he graduated from the University of Tehran with a degree as a Doctor of Medicine, one can be certain that he had no interest in becoming famous through the profession. The trajectory of the quiet medical life changed when his son, a film and television producer decided to film one of his father’s exceptional cases.

Dr. Nowzaradan’s now prestigious life started small in Tehran, Iran where he was born on the 11th of October 1944 and he became an American television star when he emigrated from Tehran to America. The identity of his parents is unknown.

Dr. Nowzaradan may have been born in Muslim dominated Iran but there are no indications that the doctor practises the religion. Evidence from his public life suggests that he is a secular man and he is not attached to any religion.


Ever since he began to appear on television through the filming of World’s Heaviest Woman which was based on the process of helping Renee Williams, the woman who the story was based on, Dr. Nowzaradan has become a mainstay on television shows featuring impossible obesity patients.

The attention and popularity of the World’s Heaviest Woman led to the creation of the TLC show, My 600-lb Life where he has been helping obese men and women get better through gastric bypass surgery. The doctor is known to dedicate between 12-14 hours in a day for seven days to treat between 60 and 80 patients.

While the doctor himself has seen a rapid rise in his popularity and commercial revenue, he hasn’t been spared the problematic side of his position. He has been the subject of a couple of lawsuits for malpractice by both patients and survivors of dead patients.

What Is His Net Worth?

Dr Nowzaradan
Dr. Nowzaradan during an interview

While they are certainly not the best paid in the world, medical practitioners in America are better paid compared to several of their counterparts across the world. So, whilst the doctors are not necessarily poor, they are not equally stinking rich either. However, through his expertise in the field of vascular surgery and bariatric surgery, Dr. Nowzaradan has been able to build a successful reputation that is being deployed on television shows, which has helped him to a sizeable net worth of $4 million.

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What To Know About His Wife & Son

One cannot exactly say how a decade-long relationship comes to an end within moments but after 27 years together as husband and wife, Dr. Nowzaradan parted ways with his wife, Delores Nowzaradan. The marriage ended in 2002.

Although the separation seems like one that could be described as an amicable divorce, it was far from it as both parties filed for divorce against each other, citing ‘insupportability’. The eventual settling of their case in a court of law saw the judge award his wife 70 percent of the couple’s joint assets which according to records included two homes and cash.

During their marriage, the couple had three children. Two of their kids are hidden from the spotlight, but a son of theirs, Jonathan Nowzaradan is well in the spotlight as the producer of his father’s signature show, My 600-lb Life. He is also the producer of similar shows like Half Ton Teen and Shipping Wars.

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