Demystifying Doug Spedding’s Split From Christina El Moussa, His Net Worth and Where He is Now

Doug Spedding’s may have been doing remarkably well in his automobile business, but that alone was not enough to shoot him to the limelight. It was after he hit it off with the hosts of Flip or Flop Christina El Moussa that he attracted the attention of the media and the general public. Christina is one of the leading names in reality TV on HGTV whose personal life is always making the headlines; this included Spedding when he became part of the television host’s life.

When the duo became an item, fans were expecting that it was going to be a long haul for the lovebirds, however, contrary to expectations, their dalliance hit the rocks in a few months, but we can say that the deed was already done for Doug Spedding as the auto dealer’s name has continued to ring a bell to date.

Overview of Doug Spedding’s Background

Doug Spedding was born sometime in 1962 in the United States of America. The businessman has often refrained from sharing his personal details with the media and as a result, several details of his childhood and background remain a mystery so far.

As for his adult life, Doug may have worked in other roles professionally but we do not have specifics at the moment. However, we know he made his money as an auto dealer, becoming a successful Orange County-based businessman in the process.

His Automobile Business was Fraught With so Many Challenges

His time as an auto dealer hasn’t been without its own challenges and problems for the ex-boyfriend of the reality TV star. Well before his relationship with Christina El Moussa put him in a favorable place in the public eye, Doug Spedding was already making the news, albeit in a negative way; his name first hit the airwaves after he was arrested on the account of worker exploitation.

Christina El Moussa’s ex-boyfriend was also the subject of a scandal that claimed he refused to sign registration forms for customers who bought vehicles at his establishment. As if breaking the law in respect of his work was not enough, Spedding’s run-in with the authorities took a turn for the worse when he was also found to be in possession of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia; this resulted in yet another battle with the law.

Doug Spedding was found to be a drug addict after investigations were concluded and was subsequently sent to rehab where he spent 18 months cleaning up. It would appear that the businessman finally learned his lessons because since he completed his time in rehab, Doug has maintained a quieter life and currently lives outside the coverage of the media.

His Relationship Timeline With Christina El Moussa 

Doug Spedding with his ex-girlfriend, Christina El Moussa
Doug Spedding with his ex-girlfriend, Christina El Moussa – image source

It would not be far from the truth to say that Doug Spedding is an accomplished man in his own right, but while his accomplishments remain undisputed, The auto dealer was far from enjoying the fame he is currently experiencing until the Flip or Flop star Christina El Moussa came into his life.

With the reality TV star, it was not love at first sight for Spedding, it was after they have known each other as friends for a while that love kicked in and the duo decided to advance into a romantic relationship following Christina’s divorce from her then-husband Tarek El Moussa. However, there were speculations that Dough and Christian dated for over a decade before she met Tarek. They only called it quits when the TV host discovered that Dough was cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend.

Doug had Numerous Affairs Before Christina

On Doug Spedding’s part, he had an active dating life before pitching his tent with Christina, as at the time he met the TV personality; he was involved with Tracy Diaz. In fact, his love life was littered with a string of women, though their exact number is not known. Even if you find it hard to believe that Spedding’s dating life was a beehive of activities, the fact that he managed to have six children from different women without the benefit of matrimony will convince you.

However, his string of failed relationships did not seem to matter when he met Christina El Moussa and began a friendship with her that eventually led to a dalliance. The couple reportedly began dating officially in July 2017, and thus, started going through the motions of a typical Hollywood relationship by attending various public events as an item.

Though Spedding was considered to be in it for the long haul that turned not to be true after they broke up just a few months later in October 2017. What was believed to be a long-haul relationship turned out only to be a rebound affair following Christina El Moussa’s divorce from her then-husband, Tarek El Moussa in the same year.

Since the relationship ended, little has been known about the life of Doug Spedding while Christina El Moussa continues to live in the spotlight and has since gotten married to Ant Anstead, an English television presenter.

Is the Auto Dealer Still Financially Buoyant?

Considering where he is coming from, Doug Spedding’s financial records seems to have taken a nosedive following the legal issues he had to battle with. This includes his run-in with the authorities regarding possession of drugs and problems emanating from his automobile business. We are not forgetting the fact that Doug is a father of six children and needs to pay child support in six places, and being the devoted father that he is reputed to be, he won’t like to fall back on expectation.

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All these pressing issues have eaten deep into Doug Spedding’s fortune which was formerly pegged at $4 million in the past. However, a recent review has brought down his finances to $1 million which is not so bad considering all the financial troubles he has faced in recent times. It is interesting to know that even with all the bad stories about him, he still has his car dealership and is also the proud owner of the Denver Gold – a soccer team in the United States Football League.

Here’s the Latest With Doug Spedding

As earlier discussed, it was only his dalliance with TV star Christina El Moussa that brought him to public attention, however, since he lost that exalted connection, Doug Spedding seems to have fallen off the radar of the media which has made it difficult for us to know his current whereabouts.

With that said, we are left with no other option than to conclude that he must have gone back to his normal mundane life as an auto dealer and is also running his soccer team in the United States Football League.

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