Truths About Doug Marcaida’s Ethnicity, Wife and His Forged in Fire Career

There are many types of martial arts which include karate, taekwondo, and jiu-jitsu, among others; but they all have special applications. For you to be a master, you must be able to have detailed knowledge of the applications of each element. Doug Marcaida is an American martial artist who has shown great expertise in the area of martial arts. Alongside other great martial artists, Marcaida has taken it upon himself to recreate the ultimate Filipino Martial Arts.

So far in his career, Doug Marcaida is most popular for starring on History Channel’s show, Forged in Fire. Let’s now take a detailed look at his background, ethnicity, career, and personal life below.

Who Is Doug Marcaida And Where Exactly Is He From?

Doug Marcaida is an American martial artist and reality TV star. His full name is Kuya Doug Marcaida and he is American by nationality. As for his ethnic background, Doug is from the Philippines. In addition to his Filipino origins, Marcaida is a native of Rochester in New York, U.S. Despite being in the limelight for so long now, there is little or no information about Marcaida’s early years, including his date of birth or age. From his physical looks however, it could be accurate to say that the martial artist is in his middle ages.

Marcaida is an expert in several fighting styles and techniques from different parts of the world including hand-to-hand combat and battlefield techniques. He is especially popular for his self-invented weapon-accompanied type of Filipino martial arts called the “Marcaida Kali”. The Kali which introduced weapon-handling to Marcaida employs both free hands and weapons like batons, knives and so on during combats. It was in fact, Doug’s expertise in weapon-handling that won him a spot on Forged in Fire. Prior to this, he served in the United States Military, precisely the Air Force as a contract armed combat instructor.

Aside from his exceptional talents in combat and weapon handling, Doug is highly skilled in the evolution of war implements. He currently produces some of the deadliest combat weapons such as Mako, Le Piquer, and knives. He particularly creates a tiny but deadly curved knife called the Direct Response Theory (DART), popular among which is the DART Karambit and the DART XT. Marcaida also designs knives for Fox Knives Italy. Some TV shows and movies like the Bourne series and Blade 300 have both employed his weapons in their films.

Details Of Doug Marcaida’s Career And His Role On The Forged In Fire Series

Marcaida with Forged in Fire co-stars/judges

Despite having been an exceptional martial artist for years, Doug Marcaida only came to media notice after he began appearing on History Channel’s competition show, Forged in Fire. Marcaida plays the role of an expert weapons judge on the reality series which began airing in June, 2015.

With American military veteran Wil Willis serving as the host, the show stars four expert bladesmiths who compete over the creation of a variety of the world’s finest edged weapons. The contestants go as far as using a force of will, fire, sweat, and well-equipped forge to transform raw materials into multi-functional weapons of war.

Alongside fellow judges David Baker, Jason Knight, and J. Neilson, Doug Marcaida plays the role of testing the forged weapons based on several criteria which include strength/durability, sharpness, portability, and fineness. Their final verdict determines the winner who eventually walks away with $10,000.

Noteworthy at this point is the fact that it was after joining Forged in Fire that Doug learned weapons creation. He got trained by fellow judge, J. Nielson. Prior to this, he only had skills in hand-to-hand combat and weapons handling.

While Marcaida’s role on Forged in Fire has earned him much popularity, it doesn’t rule out the fact that it is a very dangerous one. Sometime in 2017, the weapons judge sustained a serious injury on set which needed him to have a surgery on his right arm. The accident also kept him away from TV for a number of months.

His Other Ventures

In addition to his job on Forged in Fire, Doug Marcaida owns three martial arts schools where he trains students in his customized style of Filipino Martial Arts, the Marcaida Kali. While two of the schools are located in New York City, one is in Romania. He also has plans of extending his base to other countries in the near future.

Doug’s Marcaida Kali which has earned him much fame has indeed proven to be a complete kind of martial arts as it cuts across the defense techniques, the impact, as well as the use of edged weapons and bare hand techniques. Doug uses the Marcaida Kali to advocate for protection instead of harming fellow combatants during Kali combats. The martial arts guru has been producing the first class of next-generation martial artists.

Marcaida also runs his own website ( where he displays his weaponry and other merchandise alongside updates on his workshops, training sessions and seminars. You can also connect and keep up with Doug Marcaida via his social media accounts, namely: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Aside from making posts and uploading pictures of his work on social media, Doug sometimes gives his followers an insight into what goes on in his life at home. Such posts include the time he spends with his canine friend.

What We Know About Marcaida’s Marital Life

While Doug Marcaida has garnered much fame through his career, no much information is available about his personal life. Despite being active on social media, he scarcely shares information on his personal life there. The multi-talented martial artist prefers keeping his love life away from the media to avoid rumors and controversies. He rather uses the platforms to showcase his creations, fighting talents, and television shows.

But considering his age, it could be safe to say that Marcaida might have been in a few relationships or possibly married. Although Doug has never shared any explicit information as regards his relationships or marital status, he has occasionally shared bits of info (including a few photos) about his kids. From what could be gathered from the occasional posts, the weapons expert has three sons. Whether Marcaida is married to the mother(s) of his sons is what remains under wraps.

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