Who Is Doug Demuro The Car Columnist And Reviewer, Who Is His Wife? 

While most people’s knowledge of cars is only limited to a particular brand and certain components within it, Doug Demuro knows everything there is to know about them. He is considered an expert on cars in the automotive industry where he is gainfully employed as a columnist and consultant. His knowledge of this industry has led him to write several books which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. He has also written reviews of cars as well as articles for several automotive-centric magazines such as The Truth About Cars, Oversteer, and Jalopnik.

Who Is Doug Demuro; The Car Columnist and Reviewer?

Demuro has also built a brand around himself as a content creator. He has an eponymous channel on YouTube where he vlogs about all things car-related. Each of his videos attracts close to a million views and he is regarded as one of the most trusted voices in the automotive niche. The car aficionado has gained over three million subscribers on his channel and more people keep on following him every day. He is also known for his personal blog, PlaysWithCars, where he writes about various facets of the world of automotive.

The Youtuber was born Douglas Demuro on May 22, 1988, in Denver, Colorado. There is no information available with regards to his parents and family as he is yet to disclose such details to the public. He attended high school in his hometown before joining Emory University in Atlanta where he studied Economics. He graduated from college in 2010.

While in school, Doug Demuro began working with Ferrari as a customer service technician. He held the job for three months until August 2008. From July to November 2009, Demuro worked at Saturn based in Decatur as one of their sales consultants. Afterward, he secured an internship in the business development department at Porsche Cars North America which lasted from November 2009 to May 2010.

After he earned his degree, he went to work for Porsche full time as a vehicle allocation manager. His responsibilities included making retail forecasts, managing customer orders and delivery. Before long, he was promoted to a managerial position. In addition to his regular work, Demuro was also writing part-time for Autotrader.com. Despite the fast-tracked career path he was on, he decided to leave his job at Porsche to become a full-fledged writer.

He began writing for Truth About Cars and this inspired him to publish his own books titled Plays With Cars and From My Perspective. Doug Demuro was contracted by the digital automotive magazine, Jalopnik to write for them in April 2010. He also began buying second-hand cars which his readers suggested, then he would review them on his columns.

Demuro added Truth About Cars to his writing portfolio in 2015. The following year, he released his third book, Bumper to Bumper. Some of his writings were published by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Philadelphia Media Network. In 2016, he began writing for Autotrader’s new blog Oversteer, and he now serves as its editor.

YouTube Career

Although Demuro continued writing columns and articles, he began concentrating most of his efforts on creating content for his self-named YouTube channel. He has reviewed numerous cars ranging from vintage automobiles to the latest models including the Bugatti Chiron, Maserati Ghibli, Ford GT, Tesla Model 3, BMW Isetta, and the Ferrari F40.

In his review videos, he usually talks about the interior and exterior features of the car, after which he drives it and scores the car on a scale of 10 to 100. Demuro also has a second channel titled More Doug Demuro which he launched in August 2018. It has accumulated more than half a million subscribers. In June 2017, he was featured in the third season of the show Jay Leno’s Garage, in an episode titled Larger Than Life, where he was blindfolded and asked to identify cars.

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Who Is Doug Demuro’s Wife?

Doug Demuro
One of Doug Demuro’s Wedding Pictures: Image Source

Demuro met his wife while he was at Emory University. He was working as a resident advisor while she was a resident so they met up and soon became friends. Over time, their friendship matured into a romantic relationship. The couple got married in 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They continued living in the area until 2018 when they relocated to the San Diego Metropolitan area. The name of Demuro’s wife is not known, neither is her occupation or date of birth. It appears that the car columnist prefers to keep details about his private life to himself.

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