Doug Demuro Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make?

Doug Demuro is an American Youtuber and car columnist. He is a well-known figure in the automotive industry where he has established himself as an authoritative voice on anything that has to do with cars. He reviews all kinds of luxury, sports, and vintage vehicles on his eponymous YouTube channel, offering honest opinions and reasons why a particular car is worthy of its price tag or why it may be overpriced. His vlogs attract hundreds of thousands of viewers every day, and he has come to be known as one of the most prominent content creators in the automotive sector of the video-sharing platform.

Aside from his social media fame, Demuro works as a writer for several car websites and blogs such as Jalopnik which is owned by Gawker Media, and Oversteer, a blog owned by AutoTrader. He has also written three books titled From My Perspective, Plays With Cars, and Bumper to Bumper; all of which have helped to boost his credibility in the industry. With so many irons in the fire as regards his professional life, it seems as if the man must have a fat bank account to show for his work and creativity. This begs the question, what is Doug Demuro’s net worth.

Doug Demuro’s Background Details

Demuro was born on the 22nd of May in 1988. He spent most of his growing years in Colorado and was a student at George Washington High School from where he proceeded to Emory University in Atlanta. He earned his bachelor’s in Economics.

While in school, Demuro needed to earn some money to pay his bills and stay afloat so he found work as a sales consultant at Decatur, and this marked the beginning of his adventure in the automotive industry. He later took up another job as a customer service technician at Ferrari. Demuro also served as a business development intern at Porsche for a while. After graduating from school, he was offered a full-time job at the corporate headquarters of Porsche as a vehicle allocation specialist.

Around this time, Doug Demuro began writing about his knowledge and experiences with cars for various magazines and websites like AutoTrader and Jalopnik. He soon realized that he loved writing more than his actual job so he quit and focused on it full-time. In 2013, he published his first two books, Plays With Cars and From My Perspective. He also launched his self-named YouTube channel in September of that year.

Over the last couple of years, he has continued to review cars and write columns for several publications and has earned a huge readership and fan base. He was featured in the documentary series, Jay Leno’s Garage in 2017.

How Much Does He Make?

Doug Demuro makes most of his money from social media, specifically YouTube, where he has over 3.5 million subscribers on his channel. His videos typically draw in at least half a million views on each one. However, some of the more popular ones have been viewed over 5 million times. With this much traction and engagement on his channel, he is able to generate a constant stream of income as much as $1000 daily, earned through the ads that play on the videos.

He gains hundreds of new followers every day, spreading his reach further and extending his chances of making more money. Although his income is not fixed, it is believed that Demuro makes somewhere between $200,000 to $500,000 each year. With such huge earnings, it is no wonder that he is able to afford some of the sweet cars in his collection. Some of the cars he has owned include a 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon, 1996 Volvo 850 Turbo Sedan, 2006 Lotus Elise, and a 2012 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG (W212).

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What Is Doug Demuro’s Net Worth?

Thanks to his accomplished writing career as well as his thriving YouTube channel, Demuro can boast of a hefty financial value. He has been able to turn his love for cars into a profession that he makes a lot of money from. The car reviewer and columnist is estimated to have a net worth of $3.4 million as of 2019. As his popularity keeps on growing and he keeps unlocking new opportunities in his chosen careers, his net value is expected to rise considerably in the coming years.

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