Glimpse Into Doreen Lioy’s Life – The ‘Night Stalker’ Richard Ramirez’s Ex-Wife

While killing and terrorizing people aren’t among the recommended ways to attract a marriage partner, it certainly does seem to work for folks like Doreen Lioy, the American journalist who saw something different in the dreaded serial killer people saw in Richard Ramirez.

Aside from being a magazine editor, Lioy became popular as the wife of the infamous Night Stalker. Stories about their unusual relationship drew a lot of media attention over the years but since his death, the stories died down, making people wonder where she is and who she is currently dating. Find out all you need to know about the controversial journalist as you read on.

Doreen Lioy – Biography

Doreen Lioy is a California native raised in Burbank. Her birth date, parents and information about her childhood are not known. She has not also mentioned a thing about which school or college she attended. What we know for sure is that she was having a successful career until she met her infamous husband. People became more interested in news about her when her marriage to Richard went public.

While she received public support from people who appreciated her courage, the journalist claimed that members of her family disowned her for being in a marital relationship an inmate on death row.

Talking about her professional career, Doreen, as we have already mentioned, was a freelance magazine editor who worked on a TV documentary, THS Investigates: Love Behind Bars. She also speaks of herself as an author following the release of her book, Richard Ramirez: The Night Stalker. Aside from these, there is no other information relating to her profession that we know of.

Who Are Her Husband and Children?

Doreen Lioy married Richard Ramirez on October 3, 1996, after the couple dated for about eleven years. The two got married at California’s San Quentin State Prison. As a matter of fact, she started dating Richard in 1985, after watching his arrest on the television.

Richard Ramirez, whose real name is Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez, was born on February 29, 1960. he is a native of El Paso, Texas and the youngest of five children born to Julian and Mercedes Ramirez who, according to various record, was violent. Growing up, Richard began smoking at the young age of 10 and his older cousin Mike, a decorated U.S. Army Green Beret combat veteran, taught him various military skills that include killing with stealth and surety.

Ramirez’ first murder case was on April 10, 1984, when he was found guilty of murdering a 9-year-old girl, Mei Leung, in a hotel basement near his apartment. That same year, he became popular for several criminal offences including stealing, harassing and killing people. All through the spring and summer of 1985, Ramirez reportedly terrorized residents of Southern California and San Francisco. He was, however, captured and convicted of crimes that include 13 murders and 11 sexual assaults. He was eventually sentenced to death in a gas chamber in California.

Doreen Lioy
Doreen Lioy with Richard Ramirez – image source

Doreen, who was already in love with Ramirez at the time of his court trials, used her position as a freelance magazine editor to fight his case. Doreen Lioy believed that Ramirez was not guilty of the charges against him. She was, in fact, one of the many of his fans who visited and wrote letters to him while in jail. The journalist herself sent him up to 75 letters all throughout their 11 years of courtship. She described the infamous killer as her best friend and “buddy” who is “funny”, “kind” and charming. She even threatened to commit suicide should Ramirez be executed.

Ramirez died on June 7, 2013. He reportedly suffered complications secondary to B-cell lymphoma and was taken to Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae, California, where he passed away. There are no reports of him having children with Doreen. Perhaps, they had no children together as he spent their entire romantic periods in jail.

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Where Is She Today?

Doreen Lioy’s disappearance is quite shocking following how effectively she fought for her husband’s freedom. Even before Ramirez’ death, news about her involvement in his case slowly faded from the limelight. There are reports that the couple were even separated although the reason behind their separation was not known.

While some sources claim that Doreen began to withdraw herself from Richard after the death of the 9-year-old was connected to him, others drew a conclusion that his lack of remorse for any of his actions led to their separation. Ramirez died at the age of 53 and Doreen Lioy was nowhere around to claim his body which was later cremated by the state authorities. Currently, no one knows about the whereabouts of the freelance journalist.

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