Does Donald Glover Have A Wife? Why We Don’t See Much Of His Partner Michelle White

Stories of athletes or musicians crossing over into the movie industry and vice versa are no longer a rarity. It is actually something of a trend in today’s increasingly flexible entertainment model. On the contrary, Donald Glover is one of the few who did not cross over but has successfully straddled the line between both worlds.

Known as Childish Gambino for his studio efforts, Glover has appeared in everything from sitcoms to feature films, music videos etc. His multifaceted nature means that he consistently wears many hats as a writer, actor, director, comedian, producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is also a Disc Jockey who operates under the name, mcDJ. Amid these successes, his personal life has always been hidden from the public but we rallied a few interesting details.

Who Is Donald Glover’s Partner?

Donald Glover has continued to appear in movies, write scripts and songs, sing, and work as an executive producer to much acclaim. He has filled the role of actor, director, writer or executive producer on shows like his hit show Atlanta, Spider-Man: Homecoming and the 2018 movies, Deadpool and Solo: A Star Wars Story. He has also bagged reputable recognition from the awards but despite the popularity he enjoys, he prefers to keep his personal life away from public scrutiny.

Notwithstanding his attempt to guard his personal life to avoid prying eyes, he doesn’t hesitate to confirm that there is indeed a woman in his life and her name is Michelle White. Asides being born on May 18th in 1989, there is hardly anything known about Michelle White.

From the obvious, however, Michelle is white-Asian and resides in the United States of America. Because she keeps even a lower profile than her beau, White has never shared any information about her early days and upbringing.

Michelle and Glover – image source

However, as his increasing portfolio opens up to his new fan base, it is expected that the pressure will be on Glover to reveal more about his relationship. Glover and Michelle have been together since at least 2016 if the first time they were photographed together is anything to go by.

Is Donald Glover Actually Married To Michelle White?

First off, no one knows if these two are actually married in an official way but they are happily building a home together. The few times Glover mentioned White in public, he called her his partner, like when he acknowledged how blessed he is to have her during an acceptance speech at the Emmy Awards. However, he let his guard down during a press tour for The Lion King in 2019 when he referred to her as his wife but we still don’t know exactly what this means.

Moreover, most of the images taken of the couple doesn’t show any ring on that finger which might also mean that they have not made their union official. Besides, Glover has often made it known that he is not a fan of the concept of marriage. He made this known during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, saying marriage doesn’t give him the fulfillment he seeks. From the obvious, the couple just wants to live happily without following conventional trends.

They Are Parents To Two Kids

Glover and his family – image source

Married or not, Donald Glover is not averse to having kids at least. He is now the father of two children, sons named Legend and Drake. The first time he was captured on camera with White in Hawaii, she was pregnant with their first child and that was in 2016. The child joined the family in October the same year as reported by Us Weekly. It wasn’t until June 2017 that Glover revealed the child’s name to be Legend, dedicating a performance of his track Baby Boy to him.

During his Emmy Awards acceptance speech later in 2017, Glover hinted to the fact that another son is about to join the family. The birth was confirmed in early 2018 by Entertainment Tonight as Michelle White was delivered of another baby boy.

Glover Speaks Highly Of Michelle White

He may not be willing to talk about her in public or give away much information about his relationship with her but the actor is very happy with the way things are. According to him, he has not felt the need to change anything in the union.

During acceptance speeches at prestigious awards, he would always acknowledge her support in his life. She is usually one of the first people he thanks for helping him see things in a different light. This has been recorded at both then Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. Also, speaking to People following the birth of his second son, Glover lauded White for doing the hard stuff and giving him a different view of life.

Why Is Michelle White Often Hidden From The Spotlight?

So we know her name is Michelle White and a few other things but there is almost nothing known about Donald Glover’s partner, not even her career exploits. While Glover is a blazing star in the entertainment industry across diverse areas, he has somehow managed to keep the public away from his personal affairs. He has won many awards, including Emmy, Grammy, and Golden Globes but has been careful not to mix his career with the private aspect of his life.

Meanwhile, the notoriously private couple would not spill the beans on why they want to keep things that way, though we can take a few pointers from the fact that Glover is very sensitive to negative vibes. He once told Jimmy Kimmel that he doesn’t read comments on the internet because it’s just bad for his sensitive emotions.

The need to keep the public at bay is apparently the reason you don’t get to see more of Michelle White and her kids in public. The family just wants to run things in private and we greatly respect that decision.

Their Relationship Has Courted Controversies

Being someone who preaches his love for the black community, especially the women, when it emerged that Donald Glover was dating an Asian woman, the internet didn’t take it easy on him. Black Twitter constantly dragged him for his choice of someone outside his race.

Judging by how hard Twitter roasts, this might be one of the reasons he chose to keep a low profile with his partner. Despite the raised eyebrows over his relationship with a White-Asian woman, the actor seems happier where he is.

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