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Since the premiere of ABC’s General Hospital on April 1, 1963, the show has produced many stars who have gone on to become soap opera most known faces. Amazingly,  Dominic Zamprogna is one of such stars. The Canadian actor joined the cast of the iconic medical drama in 2009 portraying the character of Dante Falconeri. After spending years on the show, Dominic announced that he was leaving the show. But did he actually leave? Find out below.

Who Is Dominic Zamprogna The General Hospital Actor?

Dominic Zamprogna was born in Hamilton, Canada on 21st April 1979. The actor who has stamped his name on soap opera seems not interested in sharing information about his early life. Among the few things known about his early days is the fact that he grew up in Canada and that his parents ran a dance school in his hometown. In addition, his father Lou Zampogna was multi-talented. He was known as a talented dancer and a choreographer. Lou also operated an acting school at Theatre Aquarius and his theatrical engagements were what exposed Dominic to the entertainment world. Even so, the actor was passionate about sports particularly basketball and soccer. He had wished to become a young athlete but later realized he would do better as an actor.

During his childhood, Dominic Zamprogna debuted his acting career and his first acting gig was in F/X2. His next project was in the Tv series Are You Afraid of the Dark in which he played Rush from The Tale of Cutter’s Treasure Part 1 and Part 2. He also had a stint as Jed from The Tale of the Full Moon.

After high school, Dominic enrolled in Toronto University but dropped out almost immediately to pursue his acting career. In 1997, Zamprogna career kicked off with a starring role in the movie The Boys Club. He followed this up with a number of other movies including Battlestar Galactica and Edgemont. However, none of his early roles got him famous until 2009 when he was named among the cast of ABC’s daytime soap opera General Hospital. Dominic didn’t disappoint in his role as Dante Falconeri, a detective. He delivered beyond expectation and was nominated for outstanding supporting actor in 2014 Daytime Emmy Award.

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In 2018 when Dominic Zamprogna seemingly reached the height of his popularity, he announced that he was dropping his breakout role. Although the Canadian actor resurfaced several times following the announcement, there are indications that he might have left for good.

His Siblings Are Also In The Showbiz

Perhaps they were all born with it or maybe growing with parents who spent their time basically in the theatre had a hand in it, but Dominic and his siblings seem to have celebrity power running in their DNA. Not only have his siblings Gema Zamprogna and Amanda Zamprogna (his twin) pursued a career in acting just like him, but they’ve been able to make a name for themselves without hiding in the shadow of one another.

Dominic Is A Married Man

Dominic Zamprogna,
Dominic-Zamprogna, wife Linda Leslie and kids (Image Source)

Since his breakthrough role, the Canadian has drawn attention for his acting skills as well as his looks with many fans curious to know if he has been hitched. Well, the answer is yes, Dominic is blissfully married to a woman named Linda Leslie. Personal details of Linda’s background are not known mostly because Dominic hasn’t said much about their relationship. Nonetheless, it is known that their wedding happened in 2009 in Los Angeles.

The couple’s marriage is worth looking up to since they’ve not been the subject of any divorce rumor/s or cheating around it. Together, they’re raising their three daughters; Anbilliene born in 2010, and Eliana born in 2012, and Adeline born in 2015.

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What Is Dominic Zamprogna’s Net Worth?

The exact amount that Dominic earns isn’t known but the good life he leads is indicative of how huge his earnings would be. His net worth which is estimated at $1 million also buttresses this fact.

His Height, Waist, And Body Measurements

The actor who is of Italian and English descent has been able to maintain a stunning physique since emerging in the spotlight. He is 1.76m or 5 feet 8 inches tall and this carries his weight of 77kg or 170lbs. His light brown eyes and brown hair also add to his overall look.

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