Does Eugenie Bouchard Have A Boyfriend Now And Who Are Her Parents?

As a tennis star who is widely renowned for her poise, beauty, and incredible talent, there has always been some interest in Eugenie Bouchard’s life by fans who are curious to know exactly how far she has come and what her personal life looks like. However, in recent times, interest in who Eugenie Bouchard’s boyfriend is has heightened especially after she created some buzz by going on a date with one of her fans from Twitter after she lost a bet with the young man. Fans are now asking what her relationship status is and if she is going to get married any time soon.

Apart from trying to know who Eugenie Bouchard’s boyfriend is right now, die-hard fans are also very interested in knowing who her parents are as well as where she spent her days growing up as a child. Apparently, these questions are expected considering her rise through the ranks as a tennis star of note. Eugenie Bouchard first shot into the limelight when she emerged the winner of the 2012 Wimbledon girls’ title. She has since gone on to do other exploits in the world of tennis. As a matter of fact, she is now the first Canadian-born player representing Canada to actually reach the final of a Grand Slam tournament in singles, having achieved the feat at the 2014 Wimbledon Championships. It is also on record that she is the very first Canadian female tennis player to be ranked in the top 5 in singles.

All the accolades she has been receiving have made fans even more curious about her life and this is why questions like who Eugenie Bouchard’s boyfriend is have become very persistent online alongside questions about who her parents and other family members are. Let’s take a look at the facts about Eugenie Bouchard.

Does Eugenie Bouchard Have A Boyfriend Now?

Like we have mentioned earlier, fans became very curious about who Eugenie Bouchard’s boyfriend is after she went out on a date with a fan from Twitter after losing a bet. The drama began on the 5th of February 2017, during an American football game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. At the time, Bouchard went on Twitter and predicted that the Atlanta Falcons would win the match. However, one of her fans on Twitter identified as John Goehrke disagreed with Bouchard. According to him, the New England Patriots would win the match. In his reply, Goehrke made a daring proposal that Bouchard should go out on a date with him if the New England Patriots won the game as he had predicted. Bouchard stunned fans by agreeing to the bet and the deal was struck.

Eventually, the New England Patriots won the match, beating the Falcons 34–28 and so Bouchard lost the bet. After losing the bet, Bouchard kept to her promise and went out on a date with John Goehrke. She took the young man to watch a basketball game at the Barclays Center in New York and also paid for his trip including flight tickets and accommodation. The story caught a lot of attention and won Bouchard so many more fans.

Eugenie Bouchard's boyfriend
Eugenie Bouchard and John Goehrke out together for their date.

The huge attention she got after going out on a date with John Goehrke made many people curious about who Eugenie Bouchard’s boyfriend was. Some fans argued that she has gotten into a romantic relationship with Goehrke, however, this is not quite the case. We know this because some time ago, Bouchard was rumored to be dating Jordan Caron, an Ice Hockey star. In fact, they were seen together having a good time and Bouchard released some photographs of herself and Caron together on her Instagram page showing them in Majorca. Unfortunately, some reports have claimed that the lovebirds have since broken up and have gone their separate ways.

At the moment, it is believed that Eugenie Bouchard is still a single woman. She has not been publicly seen with any man in recent times and has also not posted any personal photos of any guy as well. This further fueled the speculations that she is still single. Bouchard has described her kind of man in interviews before, revealing that he has to be taller than her and more muscular.

Who Are Her Parents?

Eugenie Bouchard was born to a father called Michel Bouchard and mother Julie Leclair in Montreal where she also grew up. Her father is an investment banker and was instrumental in helping her realize her dreams of playing tennis.

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According to reports, when she was just 9 years old, Eugenie Bouchard’s father established what he called “Tennis Mania”, a limited partnership in order to support Eugenie’s career. Michel Bouchard contributed some money along with two investors to the partnership in exchange for 10 percent of Eugenie Bouchard’s future earnings when she turned pro. However, the partnership was ruled illegal by a court in August 2013 because Eugenie could not have reasonably agreed to give away parts of her future earnings being only 9 years old at the time the contract was signed.

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