Demystifying Cesaro’s Relationships And The Question About Wife or Girlfriend

Swiss-born wrestler Claudio Castagnoli, who is better known by his ring name Cesaro is one of the most popular wrestlers under the promotion company, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). As one of wrestling’s beloved personalities, Cesaro’s dating life has been a subject of interest to his fans, who are curious to know about the personal life of the WWE star.

This piece takes an in-depth look to answer lingering questions about Cesaro’s personal life, including his marital status and dating history. Check it out below.

Does Cesaro Have a Wife?

Even though Claudio Castagnoli is of marriageable age, having been born in 1980 on the 27th of December, Cesaro has never been married. There is a myriad of reasons why the WWE star would be a single man, but none of those would be a lack of interest. Aside from the fact he is a famous man with a modest amount of wealth at his disposal, he is a professional model with no scandal to his name.

He loves animals and enjoys cooking, both of which are universally known to be attractive qualities to the opposite sex. At the moment, it would appear he doesn’t have a wife because he doesn’t want one.

However, while Cesaro might not have a committed romantic partner, he has a close relationship with his WWE partner, Tyson Kidd. The two met in the WWE when they were paired up by the company as tag team partners and have developed a close personal relationship with each other in real life.

Is He Dating a Girlfriend?

Just as Cesaro’s marital life seems to be a graveyard of activity and information, so is his dating life. A significant difference being Sara Del Rey. The Swiss-born wrestler has been rumored to be in a relationship with retired professional wrestler, Sara Del Rey, who is currently the assistant head coach and producer of the WWE development program, NXT.

The two of them have been rumored to be dating for a long time since Sara del Rey first worked with him as his manager back when he was still fighting in the independent circuit. Despite years of the rumor, both of them have refused to confirm or deny the rumor, leaving it to be a dangling story with unproven answers. At the moment, it is believed that Cesaro is still very much a single man.

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Has He Dated Anyone in the Past?

It is hard to imagine that in his more than three decades on earth, Cesaro has never dated anyone. However, like every other detail about his relationship status, very little has made it to the public domain. The closest to a previous relationship the pro-wrestler was believed to be involved in, was a rumored relationship with another fellow wrestler, Aksana.

The Swiss wrestler was believed to be in a relationship with the Lithuanian-born professional wrestler in 2014. Now, whether there is some truth to it or they were simply nothing more than an onscreen couple in the WWE remains unknown.

Cesaro Dating
Cesaro was rumored to be in a relationship with Aksana

The two of them came out as onscreen lovers between May and September 2014. They announced their ‘relationship’ during an episode of Smackdown. While they were together, they fought a mixed tag team match against The Great Khali and Layla.

Cesaro ended their onscreen relationship in September after he accused her of costing him a match against Santino Marella. The rumor suggested they were paired up onscreen because they were romantically involved off-screen. But like every other detail about Cesaro’s dating life, nothing has neither been confirmed nor denied.

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Is He Gay?

With no confirmed relationship for Cesaro, past or present, many have wondered if the reason is that he is a gay man. Gay men and professional wrestling haven’t particularly had the most positive of relationships, even to this day. Thus, there would be an incentive for him to keep his sexuality a secret, and his personal life very private.

Unfortunately, like every other bit of detail about Claudio Castagnoli, there hasn’t been any confirmation from the pro-wrestler that he is not a straight man.

His relationship with his closest male friend, Tyson Kidd, which could bolster the theory, is sketchy because Tyson is a married man. He is married to another wrestler, Natalya, whom he has been in a relationship with since November 2001.

With no truth to Cesaro being gay, the absence of a known girlfriend or wife could be the result of a well-guarded secret or having nothing to share.

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