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At the height of his career, Lionel Richie was arguably one of the most talented musicians walking the planet. The greatness of his music made millions in America and around the world worship the sound of his voice and wonder who the man behind the melody was. Over the course of his lifetime, however, only two women have gotten the chance to know him like the rest of the world didn’t. His two ex-wives, Brenda Harvey-Richie and Diane Alexander.

Lionel Richie’s marriage to Diane Alexander lasted for almost a decade between 1995 and 2004 and in that time, she rose to become the wife many young fans of the legendary musician came to know. In this article, we take a closer look at the life of Diane Alexander and her time as the wife of Lionel Richie.

Diane Alexander Biography

Diane Alexander’s claim to fame comes from her marriage to Lionel Richie and in that period, we have been able to learn some background information about her. We know that she was born on the 16th of June, 1967 somewhere in the United States. Other childhood information remains unknown, even to date.

Professionally, Diane Alexander has worked in a myriad of roles as an adult, ranging from working as a dancer, and as a fashion designer. When she met Lionel Richie, she was a dancer and meeting the famed singer was not the only significant thing she did while she was. Diane Alexander also appeared on screen in two films, Forget Paris and Lake Girls. Her relationship with Lionel also got her a chance to star in his music video for the song, Dancing on the Ceiling.

This is the depth of information available about the background of the ex-wife of the musician as she has managed to keep her life away from the media, especially after the divorce from Lionel Richie.

Who Are Diane Alexander’s Family – Husband and Children?

Diane Alexander
Diane Alexander with her ex-husband, Lionel Richie, and their two children

Like everyone at the height of his career, attending a Lionel Richie concert or event was simply a chance to watch the master work live, and perhaps if you are lucky, get a picture with him and an autograph, but in 1984 at the Olympic Games, where Lionel was performing at the closing ceremony of the games, Diane Alexander got a little more.

At the event, Diane Alexander met Lionel Richie and both of them developed an attraction for each other that kickstarted an affair. At the time, Lionel was still married to his college sweetheart, Brenda Harvey. They maintained their affair well into the early 90s and turned it into a marriage in 1995 after being in a relationship for over a decade and raising a child, Miles Brockman Richie, who was born on the 27th of May, 1994.

After they got married, the couple had another child, Sofia Richie on the 24th of August, 1998. With two children and a happy home, theirs looked set to be a long happy marriage until 2004 when they decided to end their marriage. For the fans of the couple and those who hoped this would be the lasting marriage they hoped for, the reason for the separation was given to be the demands of Lionel Richie going back to work as an active musician after being on a hiatus for a few years.

Although the divorce was by no means a messy affair compared to what has happened in other high-profile marriages, it was nevertheless a costly one. Post-divorce, Lionel Richie and Diane Alexander have maintained a cordial relationship and have watched their two children grow into their own persons, both models in the fashion and design industry.

Diane Alexander herself has moved on to another relationship with a local sheriff known as Dave Kenney, while Lionel Richie has remained single maritally ever since.

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Other Facts About Her

Her son, Miles Richie was once arrested in London for threatening to detonate a bomb in a London Airport. The incident, which happened in January 2019, was due to the fact that he was not allowed to board a flight.

Diane Alexander’s daughter, Sofia Richie was also in a high profile relationship of her own, with Scott Disick, who used to be in a relationship with Kourtney Kardashian.

Although she has strayed away from the media spotlight, Diane Alexander still has a noticeable presence on Instagram via the account @dianekrichie.

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