Diana Lasso ‘Wayne Brady’s Ex-Wife’ and Everything You Need to Know

If not for her marriage to actor, singer, and comedian Wayne Brady, not many people outside the country of Columbia will ever have heard of Diana Lasso, a singer noted for her outstanding voice. When the two joined forces to become man and wife, many thought it signalled the beginning of a new powerful force in the music world, however, conjugal bliss did not bring all the fruits it promised. This is because, after just a few years together, the pair parted ways. Read on to find out more about who Lasso is as well as all the juicy details about her marriage and other facts.

Diana Lasso Biography

All the information regarding the origins of Diana Lasso is not public knowledge. While it is known that she was born and raised in Columbia, the date and exact place of her birth are not known. The identity of her parents and other details regarding her family and childhood are also not known to the public.

In regards to her education, Diana Lasso is believed to have received all of her basic education and also attended a higher institution, however, the exact time frame in which she went to school and what she studied is also not known to the public.

Lasso only gained significant attention from the public following her relationship with Wayne Brady, which was what brought her to the United States of America in the first place. Prior to her moving stateside, she was reportedly working on her music career, as she was viewed by many as the next big thing out of the country. So many of her songs have topped the charts in her home country, with her most notable song to date being “Esta Noche No”, released in 2014.

Relationship With Wayne Brady

Generally speaking, relationships are very hard to manage. For obvious reasons, it seems to be even more complicated for people who have demanding jobs, celebrities like Wayne Brady. Regardless of this, the actor and comedian have attempted to find and nurture love, although he has been quite unsuccessful at it.

Brady’s first attempt at starting a family was with Diana Lasso. Details of how and when the couple first met each other are not known to the public. It is however public knowledge that the pair tied the knot on the 31st day of December 1993.

According to reports, Lasso was frustrated with the fact that her new husband was not always home as he was at the time trying to find his feet in Hollywood. Brady was always busy moving from one show to another while Lasso, on the other hand, felt her husband was not making himself available to her. She managed to cope with being alone at home for a couple of months before deciding she could not take it any longer.

On the 21st of September, 1995, Lasso and her husband parted ways in a divorce that was reported to be amicable. The couple did not produce a child together but Brady has since their divorce been able to produce children of his own. He welcomed a daughter named Maile Masako Brady with his second wife, actress Mandie Taketa, whom he married in 1999 and eventually divorced in 2008.

She Resides in Columbia

Diana Lasso moved back to her home country of Columbia following the finalization of her divorce from her husband. She has since focused on her music career, saying that her home country is the best place to pursue her dreams.

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Her Net Worth

Various celebrity wealth calculating sources have reported Diana Lasso’s net worth to be in the region of $1 million. It is thought that the singer makes her money from her flourishing music career, however, it is not exactly clear how much she makes per year or the amount she receives for each show.

Social Media Presence

Diana Lasso is pretty active on social media, however, her accounts are not accessible to the public as they are all placed on private. She is known to have accounts on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where she enjoys a huge following.

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