Deyana Mounira – Bio, Net Worth & Facts About The Lebanese Instagram Model

A couple of decades ago, a body revealing model from the middle east would have been unimaginable for a majority of the general public but through Instagram, we’ve come to learn and unlearn some of the misconceptions about life in the Middle East, and through the platform, a couple of women have risen to become celebrated models. One of them is Deyana Mounira, a native of Lebanon.

Deyana Mounira has today become a famed Instagram model and while her beautiful pictures have attracted hundreds and thousands of fans to her page, it is a dog scandal in 2018 that catapulted her into the realm of social consciousness.

In this article, we explore everything you need to know about Deyana Mounira below. Read on to learn more.

Deyana Mounira Biography

Deyana Mounira was born on the 16th of August, 1990 in Lebanon to parents who are of Lebanese and Egyptian origins. Not much is known of her background but after a few years growing up in Lebanon, her parents relocated to the United States, specifically to San Diego, California where she grew up and began a career as a model.

Growing up in California, Deyana Mounira began her career as a model as a teenager but her teenage modeling did not make her into a globally recognizable personality until she joined Instagram.

She joined Instagram in 2012 and began to post well-curated beauty pictures of herself on the platform. As the pictures increased in number, so did her follower count as many trooped to her page to admire her exotic beauty.

Mounira has modeled in full clothing as well as in bikinis. She has also modeled for a variety of national and international brands, along with appearing at a number of fashion events, solidifying her name among elite names of Instagram models.

Deyana Mounira has also veered into music video modeling and has appeared in a number of music videos for a number of hip hop artists. She has worked with Future, the famous Atlanta rapper for his hit track, Mask Off. In the music video for the song, Deyana Mounira appeared as a character drenched in oil. She appeared in the video along with other notable names like Amber Rose and DJ Esco.

She has also appeared in a music video for G-Eazy, for the song, Sober. The song, which was released in December 2017, saw Deyana appear in the music video as one of G-Eazy’s love interests.

Deyana Mounira
Deyana Mounira (left) with other Instagram models

On Instagram, where her fame was primarily built, Deyana, who goes by the profile name @deyana_mounira, has a follower count of over 360k followers. She also has a Twitter account with the profile name @mounirahoneyy.


Those who are fans of Deyana have often wondered about the background and family of the model. Sadly, she has managed to keep those details about her life under wraps and we only so far know that one of her parents is an Egyptian.

As far as other familial details go, such as the existence of siblings, very little is known about the model. Outside of her parental family, Deyana Mounira is still a single woman and is not yet married.

Net Worth

When it comes to her financial prowess, it is believed that Deyana Mounira is doing very well for herself. She is believed to be worth somewhere around six figures, earned through incomes from photoshoots, club appearances, and other means, including music videos.

Other Facts About Deyana Mounira

Apart from being a model, Deyana Mounira is also a belly dance instructor and a show host.

Deyana has a body height of 6 feet 1 inch, which is quite tall as a woman or man. She wears a dress size of US 4 and shoe size of US 8. Additionally, she has black colored eyes and brown hair.

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In April 2018, she was accused by the popular billionaire, Tony Toutouni of sexually molesting his dog, Hef. The incident was filmed on video and the video was released online and went viral. While Tony accused Deyana of molesting the dog, Deyana accused the photographer of encouraging the dog to have sex with the model. As part of the conflict from the incident, Tony filed a lawsuit of $1.5 million against Deyana.

Due to the incident, Charlamagne Tha God, a popular member of the hip hop community, named Tony Toutouni ‘Donkey of the Day’ for suing the model.

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