What Is Devan Key Known For, How Tall Is He And Who Is His Girlfriend?

Like most stars his age, social media played a huge role in Devan Key’s journey to stardom. He is one of those stars who became famous following their links to a popular figure. Though he first caught the attention of many fans as a young and charming sibling to a renowned YouTuber and magician, Devan has since paved his path to fame and can boast of a huge fan base on social media. Relying on the independence of user-generated platforms, Key was magically thrust to fame. Read on to discover interesting facts about the young star below.

A Brief Account of His Background

A California native, Devan Key’s birthdate is April 18, 1998. While it is uncertain if Key has other siblings, we do know that he is one of the two sons born to Steven and Anne Key. His older brother is a YouTube sensation, magician, and America’s Got Talent alumnus, Collins Key. Collins had a remarkable stint on the show, becoming one of the finalists of the eighth season. Devan is two years younger than his brother Collins, and the siblings share a close bond as evidenced in some of their collaborative videos.

There is a dearth of information about Devan’s early life and educational background. Nonetheless, like most of his peers, he is believed to have gotten a conventional formal education. Growing up, Devan desired to build a career in various paths at different times. One thing that was certain for him was that it was going to be arts-related. According to him, he has always been in love with visual storytelling.

Trailing Devan Key’s Journey To Stardom

Devan and Collins Key
Devan and Collins Key: image source

It is safe to assume that Devan Key became famous through his biological link and bond with his brother Collins. The younger of the Key brothers first gained recognition after featuring in some of his older brother’s videos. Notably, one of Devan’s collaborative efforts with Collins was a video, wherein the younger Key claimed he was a ninja and made his brother shoot an arrow at him. Again, Devan can be recognized from Collins’ 2014 Sibling Tag video.

Devan Key isn’t known only because of his brother, he has since clutched his claim to fame. The collaborations with Collins was the pedestal Devan needed to pave his path to stardom. He is known for entertaining and engaging his audience with loads of creative content on social media.

While he may not be present on all social networking sites, Devan Key has amassed a huge fan base on Twitter and Instagram. He has a lesser following on his Twitter account, which he launched sometime in 2012. But Devan can boast of over one million Instagram followers. He has gained popularity among teens, and his fanbase mostly consists of Generation Z and a few Millennials.

Devan’s Entertainment Endeavor Beyond The Social Media

Devan Key is not just renowned as a social media star but has other credits in the entertainment and creative industry. He is an actor with a few minor credits on the small screen. In 2015, he landed a guest role portraying the character Alterna-Lucas in an episode of the Disney Channel sitcom, Girl Meets World. The next year, Devan also had a cameo role as a student in the pilot season of the ABC series, American Housewife.

Key debuted on the silver screen in the 2018 David de Vos-directed movie, A Horse from Heaven. Though his acting credits are only a handful, the talented youngster’s outstanding performances so far have established him as a budding star to watch out for. Devan also has his eyes on the music industry. The multi-talented star is set to take the music industry by storm as a DJ, producer, and singer.

Key’s numerous efforts have undoubtedly been financially rewarding. While his earnings have not been disclosed, the social media personality and actor is believed to have amassed a net worth that is currently pegged at $300,000, a figure that is expected to increase at a prolific rate in the nearest future.

What Has He Been Up To Lately?

To the best of our knowledge, Devan Key has been keeping up with his various endeavors as an entertainer. While he has been working on several personal projects as a DJ and producer, he has largely collaborated with his brother to make videos for YouTube. Not long past, the siblings launched a merch line offering products that range from phone accessories to graphic T-shirts and hoodies.

Later, it emerged that Devan and Collins would work together and serve as the executive producers of a 30-minute sitcom for Nickelodeon. The siblings promised to deliver something exciting but have refused to make further revelations about the project.

Is Devan Key Dating Anyone?

Although Devan was thrown to the limelight at a relatively young age when he was still considered too young to date, the youngster has so far done a good job of keeping details of his personal life under the radar. The handsome star has enviable physical features and can be considered as every girl’s dream guy. Thus, his relationship status has been a matter of interest to many.

So far, Devan Key has not been romantically linked to anyone. Given the uncertainty of Key’s relationship status, it is safe to say he is currently single. For now, the talented and ambitious star is presumed to be solely focused on building his career in the ever-competitive entertainment industry.

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How Tall Is Devan Compared To His Brother

Devan Key has impressive and distinct physical features. The blue-eyed social media star towers at a height of 6 feet, complemented by his body weight of about 70 kg. His other body stats include a chest that measures 40 inches, 32 inches for his waist, and 13 inches for biceps.

His brother is slightly taller than him as he is 6 feet 3 inches. Like Devan, Collins has an athletic body that weighs around 85 kg. His chest, biceps, and waist, respectively measure 43, 12, and 32 inches. Additionally, some of the popular figures who share the same height with Devan Key include Post Malone, Vin Diesel, and Nicolas Cage. Others are 50 Cent, Bruce Willis, Nick Cannon, Chadwick Boseman, Steven Gerrard, Terrence Howard, and many others.

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