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Everyone knows how big the fashion industry is, it has been one of the biggest economic sectors in the world for quite some time. However, in recent years, through the advent of social media, it has gotten bigger especially with the help YouTubers in the fashion genre, and in that genre, there are fewer names bigger than Desi Perkins, who has been posting makeup tutorials for over six years.

Today, what began as a random chain of events has transformed Desi Perkins into a recognizable name, not only to YouTube users but also to billion-dollar fashion companies all over the globe who seek her influence and reach to promote their products and services.

In this article, we take a closer look at how it all began for Desi Perkins and other relevant information about her. Read on.

Desi Perkins – Age & Ethnicity

Ethnically, Desi Perkins is a Latino woman whose origins can be traced to both Spain and Mexico, although she is an American having been born in California on the 3rd of March, 1987.

As for her childhood, very little is known in terms of her life, although we know she was raised alongside three brothers named Michael, Marquis, and Danny.

While we know that her education history extends all the way to college, where she studied to become a school teacher, we do not have details of the specifics regarding the high school or college she attended.

However, her quest to become a school teacher got overturned by a latent talent she had no idea she possessed. During a Halloween period with her husband, Desi Perkins’ effort to dress her husband in the Halloween spirit by studying special effect makeup videos online and applying it on her husband led to an overwhelming reception, with several people asking if she could recreate her magic on them.

Thus, began her journey in the world of makeup, which she eventually transferred to YouTube in 2013, via her channel, Desi Perkins, where she began to post several makeup videos of her own, growing into the superstar she is today.

Over the course of her time on YouTube, she has worked with fashion houses and celebrity stars like Kim Kardashian and a couple of others. She has also worked for the mega cosmetics company, Ipsy as a stylist for its Beauty Conference.

Desi Perkins
Desi Perkins (right) during a meet and greet with Jennifer Lopez

What Is Desi Perkin’s Net Worth

For Desi Perkins, who has over 3.1 million subscribers on YouTube with over 198 million lifetime views, and a similar figure on Instagram with over 3.7 million followers, ad revenues are just a drop in the bucket in the sources of income for the popular makeup YouTuber.

Her collaborations with known celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who have come onto her platform to promote their own products has brought her significant income. Lastly, outside of her celebrity collaborations, Desi Perkins position as one of the topmost makeup channels on YouTube places her as a relevant destination for fashion and cosmetics companies who wish to promote their products. A couple of times, she has taken her work with said companies further by having her own line, such as her sunglasses line with Quay Australia.

All of this is believed to be responsible for a net worth many believe to be in the region of $300,000 to $1 million, although some are reporting it to be as high as $2.3 million.

Whatever her exact net worth might be, there is no denying that Desi Perkins has come a long way from being an aspiring school teacher.

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Who Is Desi Perkins’ Husband?

If you follow Desi Perkins, then you have probably come across her husband, Steven Perkins. He regularly features on her channel through the series, Husband Does My Makeup.

Desi Perkins and her husband, Steven Perkins, got married in 2012 after dating for a significant period of time. The husband, Steven, is a graduate of Riverside City College and is a graphic designer and photographer by day and a DJ and Promoter by night.

Although he still runs his traditional job, his attention is mostly focused on his wife’s YouTube career, where he works in collaboration with her to produce her videos. The two also have their own dedicated channel, The Perkins.

As for children, Desi Perkins and Steven Perkins currently do not have one and certainly not for a lack of trying, having suffered a miscarriage sometime in the past.

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