Derek Jeter Net Worth is $185 Million

Derek Jeter might not be known by many people, but he is supposedly the most famous baseball player, although now former. This is in terms of money and performance. Having played for the richest and most famous franchise, the New York Yankees, Derek has been highly valued across America. He is also listed as one of the highest-paid athletes in the world.

Derek Jeter Net Worth: Bio

Born in New Jersey, Derek became a baseball fan when he was young. He grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan where he always went to watch the New York Yankees play. Thanks to his grandparents, he rarely missed the NY Yankees games and this is one of the major factors that contributed to his desire to play professional baseball. Little did they know that they were virtually initiating him to the team.

Baseball career: Yankee’s Break

After high school, Derek followed his passion and joined the minor baseball league. For four years, Derek advanced from A to AAA level teams to perfect his talent. He got better from the start in the minor league.

He, later on, joined the Yankees in 1995. Derek played in 15 games as a sub in 1995. He then played as a shortstop in 96 on the Opening Day and his performance was impressive. Derek then advanced to win some amazing awards while playing for the Yankees. He won the Rookie of the Year, as well as the World Series the same year of his debut. He has managed to make the most hits on the team, and he is only at 2997, only three from hitting the 3,000 mark.

Derek Jeter Net Worth


Throughout his 19 year career with the Yankees, he has been the Crown Prince of NY. Also, he has earned 13 All-Star game nods, 5 World Series titles, as well as 5 Gold Gloves. These titles and awards have also contributed to the millions that Derek is worth. He was also named as the 11th recognized captain in the Yankees history in 2003. He also won the Silver Slugger, among his many collections.

Derek became the first player to win the World Series MVP and the All-Star Game Awards in the same year. No one in history has ever won the awards twice within one year. Being the captain of the team, he has proved to be worth the title and has helped the team be more valuable.

Derek Jeter Net Worth: MLB Career Earnings, Endorsements

Derek is believed to make around $30 million to $35 million in a year. He signed a contract with the Yankees which was valid for ten years and was worth $189 million. His impressive performance, along with his amazing cut image are some of the things that have made Derek rich. Through them, Derek has won some endorsements worth millions of dollars.

Derek Jeter Net Worth

Some of the endorsement deals include Gatorade, Nike, Fleet Bank, VISA, XM Satellite Radio, Discovery Card and Ford. All these are well-known brands that are quite valuable. Derek even banked more from his endorsement deals than from his baseball career (He made $250 million in salary alone throughout his career). The endorsements earned him yet another recognition as one of the most marketable players in Baseball’s history.

Derek has been linked with some of the top female celebrities. He is believed to have had an affair with Jessica Biel, Mariah Carey, Minka Kelly and Jordana Brewster. In July 2016 he married model Hannah Davis.

The retired baseball player has undoubtedly had a successful career. Now retired, he is focused on his business ventures which include Jeter Publishing. The imprint publishes nonfiction books for adults and children. He also owns the website