Deontay Wilder Net Worth and All The Ways He Made His Money

Deontay Wilder may have endured universal derision in December 2020, after claiming that his loss to Tyson Fury was as a result of a heavy outfit, but it does not detract from the fact that he is one of the most accomplished boxers to come out of his motherland in recent times. It also does not take anything away from the reality that the bout was one of his biggest paydays, generating upwards of $25 million. It is paydays such as this that has helped Deontay Wilder acquire a net worth of $30 million, a far cry from when he started out.

Originally from Alabama, the athletic Wilder hoped to end up in the NBA or NFL someday. That dream was later truncated and things became so bleak that he contemplated suicide. He held on though and later took to boxing to let out some steam. From a part-time hobby, Wilder went on to become not only a national champion but an Olympic medalist. He is now one of the most prominent boxers out of the U.S. and has won 40 out of 42 bouts. He has also won several titles, including the WBC Heavyweight title which he successfully defended ten times.

Deontay Wilder Began Boxing at the Age of 20

Sport is one area of life where youth is indispensable and as such, athletes who want to do well in a particular sport get into it as early as possible. This was not the case with Deontay Wilder though so far as boxing is concerned. The Alabama native was quite athletic as a young boy but his interests lay in football, basketball, and track. He figured that he could make it into the NBA or NFL someday but had to drop that ambition after his girlfriend got pregnant when he was 19.

Wilder’s first child was born several months later and he took to working two jobs to pay the bills. He also began frequenting a local gym in 2005 and showed much promise that the gym manager started training him.

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Wilder got his first taste of proper competition in local Golden Gloves fights which he won. Two years down the line, he won the U.S. Championships and the National Golden Gloves and also qualified for the 2008 Olympics. He then won a bronze medal at the Olympics before subsequently turning pro.

He Pocketed $1 Million From His Heavyweight Title Victory in 2015

Upon turning pro in November 2008, Deontay Wilder quickly set about proving that his amateur exploits were no fluke. He compiled 26 straight wins between November 2008 and September 2012 on his way to winning his first professional title, the vacant WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight Title, in December 2012. His opponent in that particular bout was a fellow American Kelvin Price and he knocked him out and sent him to the canvass.

Wilder would win the second and unarguably his most important career title to date, the WBC Heavyweight Title, on the 17th of January 2015. The fight was against Haitian-Canadian boxer, Bermane Stiverne, and Wilder went the whole 12 rounds on his way to emerging the WBC Heavyweight Champion of the world. As you can expect, the victory was quite momentous for the Alabama native and he dedicated it to his eldest child as well as his boxing inspiration, Mohammed Ali. It also didn’t hurt that he pocketed his most significant paycheck till that day, a purse of $1 million.

His Ten Successive Title Defences Has Also Earned Him Tens of Millions of Dollars

Following his WBC heavyweight title triumph, Deontay Wilder would embark on a long winning streak, stretching from June 2015 to November 2019, a time during which he successfully defended his title ten times. He also made huge sums of money in the process. For instance, his first title defense came up in June 2015 and he defeated Mexican-American, Eric Molina, via knockout to retain his belt. He also pocketed a decent $1.4 million from the fight.

Wilder’s next title defenses would come up in August 2015 and December 2015 against French boxer Johann Duhaupas and Polish boxer Artur Szpilka. He equally defeated both men and pocketed $1.4 million and $1.5 million, respectively. This sequence of victories and successful title defense would continue unabated for the next four years and Deontay Wilder went on to pocket impressive fight purses, including $1.4 million (July 2016), $900,000 (February 2017), $1.4 million (November 2017), and $2.1 million (March 2018), and $9 million (December 2018). He then lost his title in a rematch bout against British boxer Tyson Fury in December 2020. The victory was a humbling one for the Bronze Bomber but he took consolation in the $25 million paycheck he received.

The Olympic Medallist Has Endorsement Deals with the Likes of Everlast Boxing and Raising Cane’s

Endorsement deals are a lucrative source of income for most sports stars out there and Deontay Wilder is no different. The former WBC heavyweight champion has sponsorship deals with the likes of Everlast Boxing, Raising Cane’s, and Purekana CBD. Forbes estimate that he pockets half a million from these endorsement deals each year. While this is certainly impressive, it quickly pales when compared to other athletes and many have been trying to fathom the reason for this.

Some believe that it has something to do with the fact that Wilder doesn’t have a marketable brand while others push the blame to his management team whom they feel are underperforming. Some also point to the boxer’s low social media following. Whatever the real reason, the fact remains that Deontay Wilder is not earning much from endorsement deals for now and relies on his exploits in the ring for the major portion of his net worth.

Deontay Wilder’s Net Worth Compared to That of Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Deontay Wilder’s $30 million net worth means that he is certainly one of the better-off boxers but he is still lagging behind when compared to some of his peers. While his two-time opponent, British boxer Tyson Fury, is worth as much as he is, another British heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, has a net worth of $80 million.

Deontay Wilder’s $30 million net worth also dwarves in comparison with that of Floyd Mayweather Jr. The boxer, who retired undefeated, has a net worth of about $650 million which means that he is about 20 times richer than Wilder. Mayweather made his fortune from an illustrious boxing career that saw him go undefeated for 50 bouts, one of which was the highly-publicized duel with Manny Pacquiao which gave him a payday of $240 million. He also has endorsement deals with several popular brands.

Cars and Real Estate: A Peep into the Lifestyle of the Bronze Bomber

Deontay Wilder has certainly come a long way from his days of straddling two jobs alongside his boxing career. The Olympic bronze medallist is now a multi-millionaire and he isn’t afraid to live like one. Though he refuses to move away from his beloved Alabama for other glamourous climes, he nonetheless maintains an exquisite $1.2 million mansion there as his primary residence. The house includes a mind-blowing hot tub as well as a garage which is home to Wilder’s equally mind-blowing car collection.

In that collection is a Lamborghini Aviator with faux alligator skin wrap which cost him £430,000 pounds. There is also a customized phantom VII Rolls Royce which reportedly set the boxer back by £327,000 to £600,000.

Wilder is Doing His Bit For His Local Community, Organising Easter and Back-to-School Events

Wilder is not all about himself as he is dedicated to giving back to make his society a better place. Inspired by a grandma that would give up her last meal to another person, the boxer has gifted back-to-school packs to hundreds of students in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham areas of Alabama. He also organized an Easter event, complete with gift baskets and turkeys, for about 50 families in 2019.

Wilder also takes out time from his busy schedule to give inspiring speeches to children or people trying to rebuild their lives. All these have fetched him much praise and he has been appointed an ambassador by CHIVA Africa. This is a South African non-profit dedicated to supporting children and adolescents who are living with HIV.

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