Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie Net Worth and Interesting Love Story Despite Their Age Difference

Dennis Quaid is one actor who has grabbed his fair share of the headlines over the years. First was the cocaine addiction that landed him in rehab in 1990 and nearly derailed a promising acting career. He was, however, able to bounce back, restarting his career and making the news for the right reasons again. This reality sustained for several years, but the actor has once more found himself in the spotlight thanks to his personal life. In 2019, he revealed that he was going steady with a high-flying Ph.D. student named Laura Savoie.

This revelation should ordinarily have been met with much enthusiasm, but fans were more concerned about the couple’s vast age gap. They, therefore, had a field day trolling the actor and making memes of the whole situation. Quaid couldn’t care less though, and this is the same with his lady love. The couple has moved on with their romance and is now married. They are also focusing on their individual pursuits: acting for Quaid and academics for Savoie.

Dennis Quaid is Much More Wealthier Than His Wife Laura Savoie

Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie have a combined net worth of $30.3 million. Individually, the actor is worth about $30 million while Savoie has a fortune of about $300K. Such discrepancy doesn’t come as a surprise given Quaid’s status as a movie star. The actor commenced his career in 1975 and by the 80s had become a household name thanks to movies such as The Right Stuff, The Big Easy, Great Balls of Fire, Enemy Mine, Innerspace, and Dreamscape. These films brought him much fortune and Quaid seemed on an unassailable run to the stop. Unfortunately for him, he encountered several issues in the 90s, including anorexia and drug abuse, and this stalled his career for some time.

Thankfully, the actor was able to conquer both issues to come back stronger. He has since maintained a steady stream of income thanks to movies such as The Parent Trap, Any Given Sunday, Far From Heaven, The Rookie, The Day After Tomorrow, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, The Special Relationship, I Can Only Imagine, Cold Creek Manor, and Yours, Mine and Ours. He has also featured in some TV series, including the Netflix show Merry Happy Whatever. The series focuses on a family who reunites in a suburban town for the Christmas holidays and Quaid portrays the gruff and opinionated patriarch named Don Quinn.

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Quaid’s wife on her own part has a net worth of $300k thanks to her multifaceted career as a certified public accountant, certified yoga instructor, licensed realtor, and teaching/research assistant.

A native of St. Louis Missouri, Laura Savoie holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Pepperdine University and was quite brilliant during her days there. She earned several scholarships during her time at the school, including the Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship, the Faculty-Staff Scholarship, the Maxy Pope Alles Merit Scholarship, and the Ernst & Young Outstanding Student Scholarship. She was also named the most outstanding graduate and finished as her class’ valedictorian.

Upon graduation from college, Laura Savoie completed her master’s degree in accounting at the prestigious Notre Dame University. She is now pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Texas. She doubles as a teaching and research assistant at the school and gets paid for it. Previously, Laura was hired by Ernst & Young full-time as part of their assurance team from 2015 to 2017. During her time there, she worked with clients in the real estate, biopharmaceutical, retail consumer products, and media and entertainment industries.

The Couple Began Their Relationship in 2019 and Tied the Knot A Year Later

Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie first met each other after they were introduced at a business event in May 2019. It was pretty much love at first sight for the actor who was blown away by Laura’s personality, character, intelligence, point of view of the world as well as her stunning looks. He made his intentions known and luckily for him, Laura agreed to date him. They began their romance in earnest and a few months down the line, specifically in October 2019, they got engaged. The proposal took place while they were in Hawaii to promote one of Quaid’s latest films, Midway. It was all spontaneous and the actor pulled out the ring as Laura was taking pics of him and some of his co-stars. She was stunned by the proposal but got over the surprise quickly to say yes.

Quaid and his fiancée initially planned to tie the knot in a double ceremony in April 2020 but that plan was shattered by the covid-19 pandemic which shut down the global economy. The social distancing measures made the couple postpone their ceremony but by June 2020, they eloped to Santa Barbara and tied the knot in a ceremony that featured just them and the officiating priest. The ceremony was no less gorgeous though. The bride wore a gown by Chosen By One Day and carried a bouquet of roses and calla lilies designed by S.R. Hogue & Co. florist. Her man looked dashing in a Hugo Boss suit and they exchanged Bulgari rings and traditional vows. At the time of getting married, Quaid was 66 while his wife was 27 years of age.

Laura Savoie is About 39 Years Younger Than Her Husband

Dennis Quaid was 66 years old at the time that he tied the knot with his wife who was then aged 27. This makes for a 39-year-age difference between them and this has raised a lot of dust. When the couple initially announced their romance in 2019, the 39-year-age gap broke the internet. Several people left unkind comments for the couple and even Quaid’s former fiancée, Lea Thompson, got in on the action, remarking that Laura hadn’t even been born when she was engaged to Quaid. One other Twitter user pointed out that going by Quaid’s antecedents, it meant that his prospective fifth wife hasn’t been born yet.

Such comments couldn’t have pleased Quaid much but he has revealed that he doesn’t take them personally. According to him, he is not bothered by the whole negative commentary and can’t even get angry at it because every human being has their own perspective on life. Continuing, the actor made it clear that he never intentionally set out to fall in love with a much younger person but that he can’t control whom he loves. He also doesn’t allow people’s opinions to control that either. Savoie, on her own part, has yet to address the topic directly, choosing instead to focus on the positives, including the fact that faith plays an important part in their relationship.

In her own words, the quarantine wasn’t easy on their relationship but they learned to pray and seek help for their problems. These prayers helped them to become kinder and loving towards each other and work through their issues. This is the first marriage for Laura while it is the fourth marriage for Quaid. He has revealed that he believes that it will be his last as he feels like he has a real partner. The actor has also described Laura as the greatest person he has ever met; stating that he loves waking up to and spending every day with her.

Quick Comparison of the Couple 

Dennis Quaid  Laura Savoie 
Age  67 28
Height 6 ft (1.83 m) 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)
Birthplace Houston, Texas St. Louis, Missouri
Alma Mater University of Houston Pepperdine University, Notre Dame, and University of Texas
Net Worth $30 Million $300,000
No. of Movie Appearances 74 None
Total Movie Gross  $3.1 Billion None


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