Deanna Burditt – Inside The Life Of Rick Harrison’s Wife

There are many positives to fame; most often, it translates into a less complicated life due to the ease and financial benefits that come with the status. But then, there is also a strong downside to it – the exposure of one’s private life and the increased attention given to one’s personal life. It is what Rick Harrison, a popular cast member of Pawn Stars has experienced for many years along with his wife, Deanna Burditt.

While we have explored who Rick Harrison is, as the more popular half of the couple, here is a comprehensive look at Deanna Burditt, her life, career, and her relationship with Rick. Scroll down to learn more about the wife of the reality TV star.

Deanna Burditt Likes To Keep A Private Life

Despite being married to a man who is part of one of the highest reality TV shows on the air, Deanna Burditt has managed to keep so many details about her life away from the media. For Deanna, details such as her date of birth, her birthplace, and other information about her childhood are fully locked away from the media.

Since she became the wife of the businessman and TV personality however, we’ve come to learn a bit more about Deanna. We know that while her husband runs a Pawn shop, Deanna Burditt is a legal secretary. If her chosen profession is out of a passion for law or simply a means to a livelihood, we can not possibly tell but she has been in the career before she met Rick and has remained in it despite her husband’s status as a millionaire.

Deanna Burditt at the moment seems to be enjoying living life outside the media spotlight, writing legal documents such as motions, summons, and subpoenas alongside other legal secretarial duties.

What Is Deanna Burditt’s Net Worth?

As far as wealth is concerned, Deanna Burditt is quite well off. Her husband, the TV personality with a host of business investments, has a net worth of $8 million. Deanna Burditt, on the other hand, has a wealth that has been estimated at around $250,000.

Her net worth is considered to primarily be from her career as a legal secretary along with the proceeds from investments made through the influence of her husband.

Who Are Her Daughters and Family?

Las Vegas is not a place notoriously known to bring lovers together, that is a status reserved for locations like Paris. Yet, Rick Harrison and Deanna Burditt met in America’s City of Sin in 2011. Right from their initial meeting, they hit it off with such chemistry that made it difficult for them to stay apart.

Having both been in relationships, there was a caution from both parties not to rush into things but the intensity of their passion for each other grew with each interaction and they eventually began dating. They did so for two years before they took their love to the front of the altar in commitment to each other in marriage.

The wedding ceremony was held on the 21st of July, 2013 in Laguna Beach, California with family and friends of the couple in attendance.

Since they became husband and wife, Deanna Burditt and Rick Harrison haven’t had any child but have instead chosen to raise their stepchildren together.

Even though there is an increased interest in the personal lives of public personalities, Deanna Burditt and Rick Harrison have been able to keep certain details away from the media.

While we know that Deanna Burditt had been married before she met Rick and that the marriage produced three children, we do not have the identity of her children, all of whom are believed to be girls.

Her husband, Rick has also been married twice and has a child from each marriage. Although his first marriage produced two children, one died. The two remaining children are named Corey and Jake. Together, Deanna Burditt and Rick are raising five children as a couple.

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Other Facts About Deanna Burditt

1. Deanna Burditt has a height of 5 feet 7 inches with black colored eyes and black hair.

2. The woman is a big fan of the metal band, Steel Panther.

3. Her husband, Rick Harrison has been on Pawn Stars since 2009.

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