Who is David Venable From QVC and Is He Married or Gay?

America is one of the top three economies in the world with a strong argument for being the first. Such economic status means a greater percentage of its population earns enough disposable income to afford quality necessities and some luxury. With such abilities comes shopping outlets where they can spend their money, which leads us to David Venable, a host on QVC – a shopping channel broadcasted across America and other parts of the world.

David Venable has been hosting In the Kitchen with David since 2009 and has become one of the most recognized faces on the channel. An author and a host, David has been able to build a career that has seen him essentially own the food marketing space on American television. You can read all about his life and career below.

David Venable Biography

David Venable was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on the 12th of November 1964 as the third of three children both to Sarah Venable, a nurse by profession. According to public information about him, he was raised by his mother alone with the reason for his father’s absence currently unavailable.

The journey from childhood to adulthood involves passing through school, and David walked his own path through Charlotte Latin School where he is believed to have fallen in love with vocational news coverage. This prompted another step in his journey by enrolling at the University of North Carolina where he studied journalism.

At 6 feet 6 inches, David Venable would not look amiss in the NBA but the Charlotte-born man’s passion was laid in journalism and cooking, an interest that had grown in him since he was a child living with his mother. Following graduation, he got a start in one of his interest, journalism at WOAY, a media house in Oak Hill, West Virginia where he worked as a grapple and a columnist.

His hard work and commitment paid off and David Venable got an offer from CBS to work for one of their affiliate TV stations, WTAJ TV. This was an important growth in his career and it was further topped by an offer from the shopping channel, QVC in 1993.

Initially, he started out at QVC as a promoter for its food products through writing and guest appearances on some of the channel’s shows. However, as time passed and his confidence grew, David Venable lobbied for his own show and thus birthed In the Kitchen with David in 2009.

The decision by the management of the shopping channel to give David his own show has proved to be a masterstroke as he has over time, become one of the channel’s leading sellers, achieving an amazing record of selling $250 million worth of products in 2014. The achievement comes from the fact that the North Carolina man has endeared himself to viewers with his warm presence and outstanding commentaries.

Outside of his success in relation to QVC, he has combined his writing and cooking skills to write a couple of cookbooks that have sold over a million copies. He has also been featured in publications like The Seattle Times and Parade.

What is His Net Worth?

David Venable
David, posing for pictures with fans.

As mentioned earlier, David Venable is also a published author who has written three books, one of which is Comfort Food Shortcuts: An ‘In the Kitchen with David’ Cookbook which was published in 2018. These efforts have resulted in over 500,000 sold copies of his books, along with his long-running position on QVC as a host where he is estimated to earn about $75,000 per year has seen him amass a net worth of $1 million.

Is David Venable Gay?

Unfortunately, David Venable has been the subject of rumors that are fed by the stereotype that cooking is primarily a female responsibility and thus any man who engages in the activity as a profession or a hobby must be gay. Whilst that is very much a wrong assumption and definitely not how being gay works, David Venable, even though he hasn’t been known to be in a public heterosexual relationship, there is no evidence of him being gay and he is, for the most part, presumed to be a straight man.

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Is He Married?

As mentioned earlier, David Venable hasn’t been in a publicly known relationship. Ever since he became a public figure in 2009, he hasn’t been known to be in a relationship nor is he married. The QVC in-house chef appears to be enjoying his life as a single man.

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