A Look At The Life Of David Rubulotta Erin Burnett’s Husband

You can’t be an anchor for a globally renowned media house without becoming a global celebrity. Thus, many of you are certainly familiar with Erin Burnett, the highly gifted host of her own program on CNN, Erin Burnett Outfront. She is well known to the public but how much do you know her husband of six years, David Rubulotta?

For those of you who have been desiring to know about the lucky man who finally landed the CNN big lady, this is the place for you. Here, we are exploring all the facts we can lay hands on that you need to know about Erin Burnett’s husband.

Who is David Rubulotta?

He was born David Thomas Rubulotta in 1970 in the State of Pennsylvania. We know he is of the white Caucasian race but his unique ethnic roots are yet unknown. Also unknown are details about his early life such as his parents, siblings, as well as elementary and high school educational background.

The next thing we know of David Rubulotta is that he obtained an undergraduate degree from Villanova University and went ahead to bag an MBA from the prestigious Columbia University in 1998. He has since worked with the financial services firm Lehman Group. It is reported that he worked there even from his days as a student. He is currently the MD of high-yield sales at Citibank and is also a professional stockbroker.

Relationship with Erin Burnett

david rubulotta erin burnett
David Rubulotta and his wife Erin: Image source.

Four days to the Christmas of 2012, David Rubulotta married his longtime girlfriend Erin Burnett. Erin has been a financial journalist for years and has served in different firms and establishments over the years. She started her career by working for Goldman Sachs as a financial analyst. She also started writing for CNN’s Moneyline. Her next job was as the vice president of Citi media which is the media arm of Citigroup. She also worked for Bloomberg TV and CNBC before joining CNN fully.

The couple is said to have had their first contact when Erin worked as the vice president of Citi media while David worked at Citibank. Both Citi media and Citibank are under the same umbrella organization, Citigroup. So, although they worked for the same company, they were not having contact with each other until they connected via a blind date in 2004, as Erin Burnett has widely said about their first meet.

As stated, the blind date happened in 2004 and three years after that, Erin wrote a now widely quoted article published in Men’s Health Magazine. In the article entitled ‘8 Ways To Impress Me’, she listed 8 points a man must conform to before she could marry him.

Sounding almost funny and yet touchy, some of the points included are that the guy must be able to plan a trip to an exotic location. Another is that the guy must buy her a new atlas and globe to help her dream up her next trip all because, as she put it, ‘I love to travel’. Yet, another is that the guy must do something special for her parents like getting them round-trip business class tickets to Australia and New Zealand.

Well, that’s what Erin Burnett wrote for public consumption, 3 years after meeting David, she certainly must have given these conditions to David before they married. ‘8 Ways To Impress Me’ was published on December 13, 2007 and exactly five years after that, David married her at City Hall New York on December 21, 2012.


Together, David Rubulotta and Erin Burnett have three children; two sons and a daughter. Their first kid, whose date of birth is not known, is a son named Nyle Thomas. The second child, a daughter, is named Colby Isabelle while their third child is a second son named Owen Thomas born on August 20, 2018.

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Salary and Net Worth

It is not exactly clear how much David Rubulotta earns as a salary, however, it is public knowledge that Citibank executives take home an average salary of $300 thousand per annum. Add that to a supposed $150 thousand in bonuses he makes per year and you can see why he is said to have a net worth of around $12 million.

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