Who Is David Ortiz’s Wife – Tiffany Ortiz And When Did They Get Married?

Tiffany Ortiz is widely recognized as David Ortiz’s wife but who is the woman behind that name? This is the question often asked about Tiffany who has been with Ortiz for quite a long time and has built a beautiful life with the baseball legend. Details about David Ortiz’s wife is one of the highly searched for information about him by fans who want to know everything about his private life. Ortiz is looked at as one of the greatest men to have played baseball. During his career which lasted for nearly 20 years, he mesmerized people with his skills and became a fan favorite, breaking some records in the process. As a matter of fact, he rose to become the all-time leader in MLB history for home runs.

Because fans from all over America and beyond have been intrigued by the hugely successful career of Ortiz, they have often tried to unearth details about the man’s private life, including facts about the woman he has come to love with all his heart. It is noteworthy that because she is associated with such a big sporting figure as Ortiz, a lot of attention has been drawn to Tiffany and this is why several questions have been asked about her. Fans have tried to know what makes her tick, where she comes from and how she became the wife of one of the most recognizable names in the world of baseball. Other questions asked include how long they have been together and when they tied the knot as husband and wife. Let’s take a look at all the facts.

Who Is David Ortiz’s Wife – Tiffany Ortiz?

David Ortiz’s wife, Tiffany Ortiz is an American woman from Kaukauna, Wisconsin. She was born on the 13th day of May in 1974 to a mother called Lorraine Brick and a father called Terrence Brick. Sadly, her parents have passed away. It is known that her father died in 2013 and her mother passed away in 2014.

Tiffany grew up with three siblings in Wisconsin. According to sources, she has developed a really strong bond with her siblings over the years. Details about where she went to school are quite vague at the moment but it is believed that she had education up to college level and is a very intelligent woman.

Today, Tiffany Ortiz helps her husband run the David Ortiz Children’s Fund, a charity that provides essential support for children in the Dominican Republic and in New England. In fact, she is credited as a co-founder and is also a member of the organization’s board of directors. Tiffany is also on the New England Board of Directors for UNICEF.

David Ortiz's wife
David Ortiz with his wife, Tiffany and their children

When Did They Get Married?

Some of the frequently asked questions about Tiffany Ortiz revolve around when she became David Ortiz’s wife. Records show that Tiffany met Ortiz when he was playing baseball in Wisconsin. They developed an interest in each other and started a relationship. The lovebirds remained together for a long time before they got married.

In 2012, eight years after they met, Tiffany became David Ortiz’s wife after they tied the knot in holy matrimony. The ceremony was attended by close friends and family. At the time, they made up their minds to love each other forever.

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They separated briefly

In 2013, just one year after they got married, news emerged that the couple was separating over some differences they had. According to them, the marriage was not working out and they wanted a divorce. They went their separate ways to focus on doing their individual businesses.

However, one year later in 2014, Tiffany and David Ortiz got back together and reconciled. They confessed that they had missed each other terribly and wanted to be in each other’s company once again. They renewed their vows and determined to make things work for the sake of their children and the love they share.

David Ortiz and his wife, Tiffany have two kids together. Their first child called Alexandria Ortiz was born in the year 2001 and their second child identified as D’Angelo Ortiz was born in 2004. It is noteworthy that David Ortiz has a daughter called Yessica from a previous relationship.

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