What is David Ortiz’s Net Worth? Does He Still Make Money After His MLB Career?

David Ortiz’s net worth has become one of the highly discussed topics about him and this is not a surprise at all considering his status as one of the true icons of baseball who gave everything to the sport and rose to become a legend of the game. Ortiz, a Dominican-American former designated hitter (DH) and first baseman in Major League Baseball (MLB), is often regarded as one of the greatest men to play baseball. The former baseball player who is fondly called ‘Big Papi’ by many fans, broke records and set his own during his playing days, and became a famous face around America, winning so many fans for himself in the process. Today, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest designated hitters in baseball history.

His immense fame has pulled a lot of attention towards him and many people constantly press to know about his private life including where he is from, what extra businesses he is into and what his net worth is. Die-hard fans are especially interested in knowing just how his achievements on the baseball field translated to his financial success. So, what is David Ortiz’s net worth at the moment? Let’s find out the facts.

What is David Ortiz’s Net Worth?

Without a doubt, David Ortiz made a lot of money during his days as a baseball star. He played for 20 seasons in the Major League Baseball, cementing his place as an icon of the sport. Ortiz played primarily for the Boston Red Sox, one of America’s most popular baseball teams, with which he played in for 14 seasons. He also played for other teams including the Seattle Mariners.

During his time with the Boston Red Sox, he won the World Series championship three times. He was also a ten-time All-Star and a seven-time Silver Slugger winner. He also broke the record for the single-season record for home runs with 54 in Red Sox history, making him one of the all-time favorites of the club. His successes with the Boston Red Sox and the other teams he played for earned him massive recognition and, of course, a lot of money. So, what is David Ortiz’s net worth?

At the moment, David Ortiz’s net worth has been revealed to be about $55 million by different trusted sources.

How He Made His Money

Apparently, a large chunk of David Ortiz’s net worth of $55 million was made from baseball. As a matter of fact, he made a lot of money from salaries alone. According to sources, at the peak of his career as a baseball star, Ortiz was earning about $16 million every year. In total, he raked in a massive $160 million in salary alone throughout his baseball career.

Apart from salaries, Ortiz also made money from different endorsements by different companies. Some of the companies he signed with include JetBlue, MasterCard, Dunkin’ Donuts, and even Coca-Cola and Buffalo Wild Wings, among others.

Evidently, David Ortiz was swimming in money during his days as a baseball player. But is he earning money now that he is retired? Let’s find out.

David Ortiz's net worth
David Ortiz in his playing days.

Does He Still Make Money After His MLB Career?

David Ortiz is no more playing baseball, having retired in 2016, but he is still making money; the former baseball star is still raking cash from the different investments he has made so far.

He has his own club

David Ortiz owns his own club which is located in the Dominican Republic. Ortiz opened the club in 2010 and called it Forty Forty. The club quickly banked on his fame and name to flourish in the Dominican Republic. Apparently, Ortiz still makes money from this venture.

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He has his own winery

Apart from owning a club, David Ortiz also owns a winery. He started the winery which he calls Arias Wines in 2017. The winery is actually named after his late mother, Angela Rosa Arias, and has a portfolio including Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Christalan, and Merlot among others. The ex-baseball player rakes in money from thIs venture as well.

He has his own line of snacks

In 2017, David Ortiz opened the ‘Big Papi Kitchens’, a culinary line of chips and dips. Big Papi Kitchens offer various snacks like salsa, tortilla chips, as well as hummus across different convenience and grocery stores in the USA. This is another venture that fetches Ortiz money at the moment even in retirement.

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