Insights Into David Muir’s Gay Rumors And The Question About His Marriage

David Muir is a veteran American journalist and television news anchor best known as the anchor of World News Tonight with David Muir on ABC network. He is regarded in many quarters as one of America’s finest journalists who has anchored nerve-racking exclusive interviews with several prominent individuals. Muir had a one-on-one interview with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., regarding his rift with the FBI for refusing to unlock the iPhone of the famous San Bernardino killer. Other prominent individuals he has interviewed include ex-U.S President Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and U.S President Donald Trump. The ABC News anchor’s greatest career achievement definitely has to be securing a sit down with His Holiness, Pope Francis in Vatican City.

Asides his flourishing career in journalism, other aspects of Muir’s life has been trailed with many speculations and controversies. These controversies stem from rumors making the rounds that the widely acclaimed journalist is gay. Questions about a celebrity’s sexuality is not a new phenomenon, and like most celebrities, David takes the curiosity in stride.

Inside The Drama Surrounding David Muir’s Sexuality

For several years, there has been an unending interest by fans on issues regarding the sexuality of the iconic news anchor and reporter, David Muir. These rumors and speculations started to spread after Muir was spotted at a gay bar alongside his male colleague, Gio Benitez. Well, it is expected that such a public appearance by the two would pique the interest of fans who have been curious to know about the romantic life of Muir.

David Muir
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News soon spread that the two were romantically involved with each other. More so, Benitez and Muir were seen on several occasions frequenting a number of gay bars in New York City. However, both men, when accosted by reporters, refused to comment on the allegations that they were in a romantic relationship.

Eventually, these rumors were laid to rest immediately after Benitez got married to Tommy DiDario, whom fans later realized was his boyfriend and not David Muir as many suspected. The marriage left many fans confused and in perpetual wonder as to whether the award-winning journalist was gay or simply went to the gay bar to hang out with his friend and colleague.

On his own part, Muir has maintained his silence over the matter of his sexuality which has not helped much to quell the speculations. The fact that he often associated with openly gay men made the situation a curious one.

Who Has David Muir Dated In The Past?

The widely acclaimed journalist is yet to reveal the identity of his girlfriend that is, if he has one. Furthermore, information regarding David Muir’s love life is largely unknown at this time as the veteran news anchor is yet to break his silence over such matters. There is hereby no available relationship history with any lady in the past nor has the journalist ever been married. The only information we have at the moment was the seemingly awkward situation where he was seen in a gay bar.

All of these facts downplay any truth that he is straight. However, we cannot imply that the award-winning journalist is gay until we have more information to prove it. Fans are hopeful that one of these days, David Muir would openly come out to confirm or deny the rumors of whether he is gay or not.

How The Rumors of His Sexuality Affected His Career 

Most times when a celebrity’s sexuality becomes a controversial issue, it tends to stall their career’s success but that is far from the case for David Muir who seems to be soaring in his field irrespective of the gay rumors. Well, such an achievement for the journalist is well deserved because right from his college days, David Muir has exhibited skills of being a high flyer as he graduated from Ithaca College in New York with clear distinctions and procured a B.A. in Journalism. More so, his quest for self-enhancement back then made him enroll in the Institute of Political Journalism at Georgetown University and eventually moved to the University of Salamanca in Spain to further his knowledge in the field of modern journalism.

Muir officially kick-started his career by taking up a job as an anchor and reporter for WTVH-TV in 1995. Subsequently, he became known for reporting for the ABC show, World News Now (an evening segment of the news) as well as World News This Morning sometime in August 2003.

A couple of years later, he was made anchor of World News Saturday and a co-anchor for Prime Time News on a few occasions. He was subsequently assigned additional duties of anchoring The Weekend Newscast, a move that eventually led to improved ratings of the weekend evening news thus making the network rename the broadcast World News with David Muir.

The popular journalist is still with the ABC network at the moment and with a track record of great strides in his career, we can say no matter what rumor is out there, David Muir’s career is unaffected. More so, since his alleged partner is even married the rumors would merely remain so till concrete evidence shows up.

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Details Of Daniel Muir’s Impressive Net Worth 

Following a career that has spanned over two decades in reporting and journalism, Muir has built a sterling reputation as a world-renowned journalist and news anchor. His prowess is evident in his numerous exclusive interviews with world leaders for which he has received a lot of recognition. This reputation has also come with the perks of having to rank amongst the top earners in the journalism industry.

Muir currently earns a staggering $5 million per year as his annual salary. This figure places him amongst the highest-paid journalists in TV news in the United States. More so, several sources have it that his net worth is somewhere in the region of $7 million to $10 million. This figure is likely to be way more than that but the journalist is yet to share insights of his net worth with the public. However, his luxurious lifestyle shows that he definitely has an impressive net worth.

It is also worthy to note that for his numerous contributions in the field of journalism, David Muir has been awarded several accolades including an Emmy, the Society of Professional Journalists honors, Edward R. Murrow awards, and a CINE Golden Eagle award in 2016 for his well-detailed report on the heroin crisis in America.

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