Is David Hogg Gay? Meet His Parents and Family

Gun violence in the US has become a major issue as it results in thousands of deaths and injuries annually. While this menace has been on the increase in America, the issue of gun ownership and control has since become one of the most widely debated issues in the country. Although there are people who have lost their lives through gun violence, there are others who are equally survivors, and David Hogg is one of them.

David Hogg is an American gun control advocate, author, and student, who garnered fame as one of the survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting which happened on Valentine’s Day 2018. Following the incident which left 17 students dead with many others injured, David Hogg along with his other friends formed a gun control advocacy group called Never Again MSD.

Through the advocacy group, David and his fellow members who are also Stoneman Douglas High School students have successfully organized several high-profile protests, boycotts, and marches across the United States. That being said, David has equally been a target and scapegoat of several conspiracy theories and right-wing accusations.

Beyond that, Hogg is also a prolific writer and has published a book entitled #NeverAgain: A New Generation Draws the Line which he co-wrote with his sister. After its release, the book became a New York Times bestseller, thus bringing the two siblings to the limelight. That’s not all; these two have also pledged to donate all proceeds from the book to charity.

Who is David Hogg and How Old is He?

The young activist first came into this world on the 12th day of April 2000 and his birth took place in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Born to Kevin Hogg and Rebecca Boldrick, David grew up along with his younger sister whose name is given as Lauren. He is of white ethnicity while his nationality is American.

While he was growing up, the activist spent his early years in Los Angeles, California but his family later moved to Parkland, Florida. From an early age, he had a dream of pursuing a career in journalism and media production. As a result of this, he enrolled at Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, Florida where he completed his high school education in June 2018.

While there, he worked as a Teenlink reporter for the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based main daily newspaper called The Sun-Sentinel. After his graduation, David got several offers from top colleges in the US and in early 2019, he disclosed he would be starting classes at Harvard University later in the year.

Stoneman Douglas Shooting and Advocacy Career

While on campus in his senior year at Stoneman Douglas High School on 14th February 2018, a 19-year-old, who was a former student of the school entered the school building and opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle after pulling the fire alarm.

At the time of the incident, Hogg who was in his AP environmental science class told his teacher that the repeated pop sounds they heard were like gunshots. Perturbed, David and other students made an attempt to exit the building but a janitor instructed them to go back into the classroom. Later on, he credited the janitor for saving their lives as the group of students were unknowingly heading towards the shooter.

During the incident, Hogg checked social media and saw that the shooting was happening in real-time. He used his phone to record the scene, interviewed fellow students in the closet and then left a record in case they didn’t survive. His sister, who was also in the school connected with him through text message. About an hour later, the SWAT police team came into the classroom and rescued them, thus reuniting them with their parents.

After the incident, David Hogg in conjunction with 19 other students formed a 20-man advocacy group called Never Again MSD, a student-led gun control advocacy group. Becoming the leader of the group, David alongside his fellow members, some of which include Alfonso Calderon, Emma Gonzalez, Cameron Kasky, and Sarah Chadwick has successfully organized several gun violence protests in different parts of the US. The group has been featured on several TV shows as well as magazines. Notably, they were featured on Time magazine sometime in 2018.

Family Details

The young activist was born as David Miles Hogg to middle-class American parents Rebecca Boldrick and her husband, Kevin Hogg. While his dad is a former FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) agent, his mother works as a teacher at Broward County Public Schools in Broward County, Florida. He also has a sister, Lauren. Just like David, Lauren is also a student of Stoneman Douglas High School. Notably, she was in her freshman year in 2018, when the shooting happened in the school.

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Is David Hogg Gay?

Since David Hogg graced the limelight, there have been lots of speculations with regards to his sexuality. These rumours began to fly around after his fellow activist Cameron Kasky posted a photo of him lovingly hugging David on Twitter with a tag Prom 2018. In reaction to the ongoing speculations, David’s mom said that David will have another date to the Prom 2018.

More so, Kasky’s father, Jeff Kasky also said that David and Kasky love each other very much, just as other members of the advocacy group but not in a romantic way. Since David Hogg has never issued any statement regarding this, he is presumed to have a straight sexual orientation.

What is David Hogg’s Net Worth?

The fast-rising activist is no doubt on his way to becoming a prominent personality in the United States. Since the inception of his advocacy career, David Hogg has been making a decent amount of money for himself and his net worth is said to be in six digits. That being said, his net worth is still under review and cannot be ascertained at the moment. However, some online sources have placed his net worth somewhere below a hundred thousand dollars.

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