David Beckham and Victoria Beckham: Who Has a Higher Net Worth and What is Their Age Difference

Living in the spotlight is never easy but if there is one couple that has managed to triumph against all odds, and build one of the strongest marriages in showbiz, it is none other than David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. Together since 1997, the couple has weathered all manners of rifts and rows, including multiple allegations of cheating on the part of the ex-England footballer, both real and imagined. Despite all this, the couple has stuck together and are all the better for it.

Part of the reason for this is that they had good examples of strong marriages from their respective parents. Another reason that has been suggested for the longevity of the couple’s romance is the fact that they often mesh their professional pursuits, making them partners in every sense of the word. That partnership has seen them spread their tentacles to diverse sectors, including fashion and TV. David and Victoria Beckham now head one of the most successful family brands in the world and have acquired a massive net worth in the process.

David and Victoria Beckham are Worth $450 Million Individually and a Combined $900 Million

David Beckham and his wife, Victoria Beckham, each has a net worth of $450 million, making for a combined net worth of $900 million. The couple are yet to join the billion-dollar club but we fully expect them to achieve this feat someday thanks to the diversity of their professional pursuits.

On David’s part, he first made a name and fortune during his illustrious football career that lasted 21 years. He then parlayed his metrosexual appeal and undeniable good looks into a lucrative empire comprising of three companies; Footwork Productions, Beckham Brand Holdings, and DB Ventures. Footwork Productions is responsible for exploiting the ex-football player’s famous name and image and generates annual revenue of $273 million. Beckham Brand Holdings covers his fashion business, amongst other arms, and generates about $314.1 million each year.

Finally, there is DB Ventures which covers Beckham’s endorsement deals worth about $160 million. This has been a particularly lucrative source of income for the player as he has represented the likes of Samsung, H&M, Pepsi, Coty, Breitling, Sainsbury, Armani, and Adidas.

Beckham’s assets are not limited to the three companies above. He is also a part-owner of several football clubs, including Inter Miami (U.S.A) and Salford City (England). David Beckham has quite done well post-football and this is the same case with his wife who has managed to build an impressive fortune post her music-career.

Victoria Beckham (nee Adams) initially rose to fame as a member of the pop group, Spice Girls, in the 90s. She sold approximately 90 million records with them and won several awards. There were also several lucrative tours and group endorsements and so the former Ms. Adams built up a net worth running into tens of millions of dollars. Spice Girls would eventually break up in 2001 and Victoria Beckham tried to go it solo. She did not taste much success and so, decided to focus on other endeavors. This did not mean the end of her musical journey though as she has reunited with her Spice Girls members on several occasions. One of such reunions fetched her $20 million for a tour and approximately $2 million for a Tesco ad.

Another veritable source of income for Victoria Beckham is her fashion brand, Victoria Beckham Ltd, as well as her cosmetics brand, Victoria Beckham beauty. The latter carries high-end clothes and accessories and has collaborated with the likes of Reebok and Calvin Klein. It can be found in more than 400 stores around the world and is valued at £100 million.

Victoria Beckham is a Year Older Than Her Soccer-Star Husband

The former Spice Girls member was born Victoria Caroline Adams on the 17th of April 1974 in Harlow, Essex, U.K. She however grew up in Goffs Oak, a village in Hertfordshire which was just about 15 minutes away from where her future husband grew up. David had been born on the 2nd of May 1975 in London but grew up in the town of Chingford. Just like his wife, he came from a working-class family and had all the benefits and disadvantages that came with it.

Another thing that David and Victoria Beckham have in common is that they discovered their passions early on. Victoria knew she wanted to sing as a teenager and initially joined a band known as Persuasion. She later joined Spice Girls in 1994 and they released their debut hit single, “Wannabe”, in 1996. This song propelled them to fame and turned them into global sensations.

While Victoria was busy enjoying her new-found fame, David Beckham was still trying to prove himself at Manchester United. It, therefore, meant that she was even more famous than him at the time they met in 1997. That fact did not damper their obvious attractions for each other and they immediately commenced a relationship. They later tied the knot on the 4th of July 1999 at a castle in Ireland. Victoria was 25 years old at the time while Beckham was 24 years old.

The Couple Have Been Together For 24 Years and Have Been Married For 22 Years

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David and Victoria Beckham have been together for about 24 years now, out of which they have been officially married for 22. The couple has four children, sons Brooklyn (b. March 1999), Romeo (b. September 2002), and Cruz David (b. February 2005), and daughter Harper (b. July 2011). They own several palatial homes across both sides of the Atlantic, including their signature London townhouse which is worth £31.5 million pounds. Dubbed Beckingham Palace, it features six bedrooms, marble flooring, and a wrought iron staircase. Snippets of the home can be found in the family’s Instagram pics but their lives have been far from perfect.

Ever since the couple got together, the tabloids have always hounded them and so it was with a flourish that they announced to the world Beckham reportedly cheated on his wife with his assistant, Rebecca Loos, in 2003. The footballer denied the story but the lady insisted otherwise. Victoria was left reeling but the marriage managed to survive it at the end of the day. Following that ugly episode, the then-football player was also accused of infidelity by another woman. His wife however stuck to his side and they were able to weather the storms. Some people have mused that the reason for this is that the couple no longer see each other as lovers but rather business partners who want to maintain their lucrative brand. They have denied this though, maintaining that nothing could be further from the truth.

Quick Comparison of the Famous Couple

David Beckham Victoria Beckham
Age 40 50
Height 5 feet 11 inches (1.80m) 5 feet 4 inches (1.63m)
Place of Birth Leytonstone, London Harlow, Essex, U.K.
Companies Footwork Productions, Beckham Brand Holdings, and DB Ventures Victoria Beckham Ltd and Victoria Beckham Beauty.
Net Worth $450 million $450 million



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