Juicy Tidbits of Dave Kindig’s Best-Known Works and How Much He Has Made From Acting

The most popular series on MotorTrend, Bitchin’ Rides, is now in its sixth season and still waxing stronger. The hit TV show features Dave Kindig and the activities of his car restoration and customization company, Kindig-it Design. Through the seasons and in each episode of the series, viewers are fascinated as they watch Dave and his team transform old, raggedly-looking cars of his clients into breathtakingly beautiful masterpieces.

In addition to being a car customizer, Dave, whose claim to fame was facilitated by his skills in car restoration and customization, is also a reality TV star, and a businessman. With the immense attention he has gained over the years, people have been wondering how he started doing what he is now most known for.

Dave Kindig’s Background Paved Way for His Bitchin’ Rides Series

While there are no available details of the year he was born, we do know that the reality TV star celebrates his birthday on the 6th of February each year. In any case, stories have it that Dave began to manifest his unique interest in cars from his earliest days. Even as a kid, his favorite toy was said to have been Hot Wheels. He was noted for always taking his toy cars apart when he became an older kid.

Dave Kindig is said to have received education up to college level. There are, however, no details regarding the exact schools he attended and the time. Details about his family of birth, such as his parents and siblings, are also lacking. But we do know that he is married to Charity Kindig who coincidentally, is a car enthusiast like himself.

Kindig’s father-in-law is a hot rodder enthusiast while his wife’s mother is also a notable fan of classic cars. The couple are said to have met on a certain day as they were separately spending their evening at a dance club. From the time she was eight years old, Charity’s parents began to take her to car shows and exhibits. So from that age, she began to develop her interest in cars. As she grew older, she was able to find work in a warehouse that was linked to some car business.

With his wife Charity, Dave Kindig has two children – a daughter and a son – who are now all grown up. Their daughter is Baylee Kindig while their son is Drew Kindig. Both of them work in the family-owned business, Kindig-it Design. The duo have both testified that no one had pressured them into their choice of career but that they freely chose to work at the vehicle remodeling company. So, it is obvious that interest in vehicles runs deep in their family and that was exactly what gave birth to the reality styled Velocity TV series.

The series became so successful and is now vastly recognized as MotorTrend’s most popular series. According to records, the reality show is being watched in over 40 countries every week across the globe.

Dave Kindig’s Experience in High-Performance Coatings Helped His Career

Dave Kindig is now famous for co-founding Kindig-it Design with his wife Charity, and for starring in the Bitchin’ Rides series. However, before floating his vehicle remodeling company and before his TV career took off, Dave had spent the first eight years of his work life in a company that provides high-performance coating systems.

The job afforded him the opportunity to travel around the United States while meeting technical professionals that included car designers and builders. Without knowing it, these experiences were preparing the man for his future career as a car remaker.

After the birth of their second child, Dave’s wife encouraged him to start his car customization business. He started by first acquiring a piece of land where he would build the factory before opting to quit his job. Stories have it that the business suffered for lack of capital which subjected the entire family to serious financial strains. They, however, later managed to weather the storm and eventually got it to the big level it is now.

Modern Tech Is a Secret to His Success

According to Dave Kindig, keeping up with modern technology is part of the things that has set him apart in the car remodeling business. Admitting that some of the technology he has embraced isn’t one you would find in traditional hot-rod shops, the reality TV star explained that it had become necessary to utilize them. This is because his ultimate goal is to make cars that would rival the quality and aesthetic value of new products from popular automakers. One of the technologies he has embraced is 3D printing which he claims is very useful for prototyping.

In a nutshell, Dave believes he has come far because he is very open-minded and inclined to trying new ways of restoring and customizing cars. While he is a big fan of using classic and traditional tools, he hasn’t allowed that to rid him of the benefits that modern technology offers.

Restoring a 1939 GM Futurliner was One of His Toughest Tasks

The GM Futurliner dates back to 1940 and if you ask Dave, the heavily styled vehicle with streamlined bodywork posed a lot of challenges for him and his crew. It took 22 months to restore the vehicle with about 12 people working on it at each point in time.

Taking up five stalls in his shop, Dave and his guys were able to completely restore the vehicle which they describe as “a blast from the past” to its original form. They reproduced everything needed to its original specs, including the aluminum panels all around the perimeter and even restored all lettering.

Restoring a 1939 GM Futurliner Is One of Toughest Task
Restored 1939 GM Futurliner

Another notable project was the restoration of a 1964 Cadillac Coup Deville. The project which took a year to finish was completed in 2011. For Dave and his team, restoring the 18 feet long slick car was an Olympic achievement. They had a good time beautifying the interior and exterior of the care utilizing the Olympic theme as the car belongs to Apolo Ohno, the famous American Olympian speed skater.

The Interior of the restored Cadillac

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Dave Kindig’s Appearances on TV Shows Are Not The Major Source of His Wealth

While Bitchin’ Rides remains his most popular and successful show, it has birthed spin-offs like Beyond Bitchin’ Rides and Bitchin’ Boot Camp. You will also find Dave in MotorTrend’s Best of Top Gear series that began airing in 2019.

Without a doubt, his role in all of these TV shows has contributed significantly to his wealth, even though details of what he earns from them have never been revealed to the public. Nonetheless, it is apparent that they are not the major source of his wealth. The honor goes to his custom car fabrication shop.

The business, which is based in Salt Lake City, Utah State, experienced its breakthrough when it became the focus of MotorTrend’s series Bitchin’ Rides. By virtue of his talent and hard work, Dave has won many awards and honors such as the 2013 Ford Design Award, 2012 Master Builder Award, and 2007 GM Design Award, among many more.


As of 2020, Dave Kindig is reported to have an estimated net worth of $3 million. The man once revealed that when he quit his job to start Kindig It Designs, he cashed in on his savings that amounted to $401,000 which helped him launch the business. Looking at what he’s worth at the moment and the number of his employees, it is very evident that he has come a long way.

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