Darrell Sheets Biography – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The TV Actor

There is not a shortage of reality shows in America, several of which are niche shows designed to cater to a fraction of the US population who have a strong interest in the field. From Car shows to Adventure shows and Treasure Hunting shows like Storage Wars which has been on air since December 2010 and has brought fame to one of its cast members, Darrell Sheets.

Darrell has been appearing on the show since its creation and has remained a member for over 11 seasons of the show. Nicknamed ‘The Gambler”, Darrell Sheets’ appearance on the show has catapulted him into a group of regular people who have become public personalities, as a result, of their appearances on reality shows.

In this article, we explore the biography of Darrell and five interesting things you didn’t know about him.

Darrell Sheets Biography

Darrell Sheets was born on the 13th of May, 1958 in San Diego, California. As for details about his childhood and early life, they remain unknown to the public.

Until the creation of the show, Storage Wars, Darrell Sheets remained outside of public consciousness and the resulting fame that has come from his appearance on the show hasn’t done much to shed light on his background and journey to becoming a star of one of America’s popular reality shows.

Although the public has come to learn a few facts about him through his anecdotes on the show and his social media posts, Darrell Sheets still prefers to keep the bulk of information about his life away from the media.

While we know he is having a good and successful professional life, he has had a mixed story when it comes to his personal life having been engaged twice, following the failure of his first engagement. His first engagement was to Kimber Wuerfel, whom he was engaged to for a few months before the relationship came to an unfortunate end.

His second engagement is with Romney Snyder, whom he got engaged to in 2016. The relationship is still in effect.

Darrell Sheets and Kimber Wuerfel
Darrell Sheets and Kimber Wuerfel (image source)

Although Darrell Sheets has never been married, he has a son, Brandon Sheets, whom he adopted while he was in a relationship with Kimber Wuerfel.

Things You Didn’t Know About Him

1. He joined Storage Wars because of his interest in collecting items

Considering the show, Storage Wars is about the auctioning of foreclosed storage spaces and the items in them, it is a good place for anyone who enjoys collecting rare items and it is what drove and enticed Darrell Sheets to become a member of the show. While he has satisfied his hobby at great length, Darrell has now turned the show into a means of making money by selling items and valuable goods he stumbles upon during the auction.

2. Darrell Sheets once found a locker worth $300,000

When it comes to Storage Wars and the game of finding a good locker or storage, it is a game of strategy and luck and both combined have given Darrell Sheets one of the best records on the show, by finding a locker that had contents valued at $300,000. The find remains the biggest discovery on the show.

The locker contained artworks by the artist, Frank Gutierrez. Darrell Sheets made the find in partnership with his son, Brandon Sheets.

3. Darrell has a net worth of $4.5 million

We mentioned earlier that Darrell Sheets started appearing on Storage Wars out of his desire to collect things but has soon shifted towards turning his discoveries into wealth and that is what the San Diego born collector has done so far. He has been able to build a net worth in the region of $4.5 million through selling his finds and discoveries on the show.

Outside of his sales, he gets paid $25,000 as a member of the show.

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4. He met his first fiancé on the highway

There are plenty of interesting stories, some of which are bizarre or cute, about how lovers meet and Darrell Sheets can add his story onto the pile of bizarre and cute stories. He met his former fiancé, Kimber Wuerfel while he was on the highway, while both of them were driving.

A side look to the driver beside him immediately drew his interest and he proceeded to write his number on a piece of paper and gave it to her through his window. She called and thus began a loving relationship.

5. His current girlfriend/fiancé works for a nonprofit organization

After his engagement to Kimber ended, Darrell moved on and began dating Romney Snyder. She is a staff of HiCaliber Horse Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to horse rescues from slaughter auctions.

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