Darragh Moore – Bio, Family Life and Facts About Lecrae’s Wife

Lecrae is not your conventional rapper, but he is super popular for the things he has been able to accomplish in the music industry. The Christain hip hop artist kicked off his career in 2004 and has been able to garner about 46 nominations for prestigious awards thus far, out of which he has won no fewer than 16, including 2 Grammy for Best Gospel Album in 2013 and Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song in 2015. While there is abundant information about this rap star, the same can’t be said about his wife, Darragh Moore.

Since Lecrae attained the status of a celebrity, many questions have been asked about his personal life. Although you will easily find answers to a good number of these questions, details about his life partner have largely remained a mystery. But here, we will provide answers to some of the questions that have been asked about who she is including facts about her family and other things you ought to know about her.

Who is Darragh Moore?

You wouldn’t have to search hard to find that Lecrae was born on the 9th of October and in the year 1979. Also, anyone who cares to know will quickly find that the rapper was born in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, this is not the case with his wife Darragh Moore. Her date of birth has remained a secret just as the place she was birthed has not been disclosed to the public.

This has left several bloggers with little option but to make speculations about the woman’s age. As such, you may find that she was born in 1981 but there is no way to substantiate this. Until we are able to authenticate how old the woman is, it would be mischievous of us to validate the various dates that are being circulated as the date which she was born.

Like her age, you will have a hard time finding any meaningful info about her early life. Literally, nothing is known about Darragh Moore’s childhood, how she was brought up and the kind of family she grew up in. In the same manner, the public knows nothing about her parents and siblings. Who they are, where they live, and what they do are only known to Darragh and probably those close to her. If you think those are the only things that are not known about the woman then you are in for a shock – details of her education are equally nowhere to be found.

Amidst all the things that are not known about the woman, it is known that she is a citizen of the United States of America and of Black heritage.

Her Family Life

As stated earlier, no information is readily available about the family that Darragh Moore hails from. In fact, you may end up with a panic attack if you are bent on telling a thing or two about her parents and siblings. Even though it is not a secret that she is the wife of the Grammy-winning Christian rapper who has equally thrived as a producer and as an actor, we haven’t been able to confirm the date they became husband and wife.

Darragh Moore dated Lecrae for quite a while before they became life partners. Their union which has survived many years has thus far been blessed with three kids. It is difficult to think of anything that would pull this couple apart. The rapper adores Darragh and he has not hesitated to let the world know about this in some of his songs like Buttons, Special, All I Need Is You, and I Love You.

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Interesting Things To Know About Lecrae’s Wife

1. Darragh Moore isn’t Lecrae’s first love. It is believed that the rapper dated another woman before he settled for Darragh. In his song Good, Bad, Ugly, the rapper narrated how he got the lady pregnant and made her abort the baby.

2. Like her husband, Darragh Moore takes her Christian faith seriously. In his song titled Forever, Lecrae asked Darragh to not worry about his old life. In his own words, “It’s been buried”.

3. Darragh and Lecrae have been very protective of their children. They always strive to keep them away from the attention of the public, believing that the kids are better off without it.

4. The woman isn’t anywhere on social media, disregard any Darragh Moore account in any of such platform claiming to be her.

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